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Why Joining IDN Media is The Best Decision in My Career

10 May 17 | 16:18

Amelia Rosary

Why Joining IDN Media is The Best Decision in My Career

Although it’s still relatively a new startup, IDN Media has seen an unprecedented growth ever achieved by a startup before, especially in Southeast Asia and in media industry. With over 20 million web visitors monthly, and its innovation after innovation to be the voice of Millennials and Gen Z, IDN Media is a place where creative, passionate, and hardworking people gather. I would count myself lucky that I’m in the equation.

I am Diba Saleh, Head of People Operations at IDN Media. The title is somewhat rarely heard in a corporation hierarchy within Indonesian companies, a title commonly known as Human Resources Department. Previously, I spent 5 years working in consulting companies as Senior Associate Consultant, and to enter media industry dealing with people was a completely new challenge for me. But, somehow, it was a smooth sailing.

I never knew before that a company could build a family and maintain the familial feeling between the people working in it. It’s not hard to see why, and in that instance I knew that I chose the right thing when I decided to join the company. The emphasis of appreciating diversity and to put others first before oneself is well-rooted, it’s practically religion we all agree to embrace here. There are few reasons that made me believe in IDN Media, and got me onboard.

1. You can be a part of an open communication culture

One of the hardest things to implement and often become the reason why a solid company disintegrated was the fact that it wasn’t successful to embed a culture. Here, it was clear from the get go. There are no partition when it comes to work, it enables people to collaborate and talk to each other. Adapting co-working concept, open communication is something you will have to get used to working with IDN Media team. Everything is transparent and shared, and everything is a common goal, an embraced belief.

Because of the successful open communication, one can easily feel accepted and at home.  Your view is count, your opinion is heard and taken into consideration. Feel free to have a pingpong match with the founders brothers and a sip of coffee afterwards, discussing about everything. Not only about work, but also about life. They are also open to your input or whenever you’re burnt out. The cards are open, explore the new career within the company. The warmth is also a culture on its own, that when you fail to show a welcoming manner, you somehow feel like you’re missing out on something. Everybody belongs.

2. Happiness is a must

The first time I met Winston, the CEO of IDN Media, he transfers a value and perspective that I deeply respect. His belief that people matter; every single one of them, from the Heads to associates to interns. He believes that how people feel when they come to the office and do their work is very important. Timmy - it’s how we call people who are part of IDN Media family- needs to be in a positive and supportive environment. They have to feel accepted and to be comfortable in being whoever they want to be.

After joining IDN Media, it’s just getting better. Winston actually spent a lot of time with me discussing, brainstorming, and exploring ways to make sure that every single Timmy is happy, satisfied, and growing. This made me even more certain that IDN Media is the right company. A company with the leader that genuinely cares about its people.

3. Where else a Millennial should go?

IDN Media is not just a media company. Its ability to have multifaceted creation just under three years of its operation ranging from events and digital products, all the way to video productions, is a true proof that this company is paving way to greatness. I might be biased here since I enjoy working here so much, but what we have now should be a testament of what we can expect in the future, shouldn’t it? I speak on behalf of all Millennials, working and growing with fellow Millennials is the best learning jungle you can have. You will find yourselves sitting in a VIP seat of a rocketship that is launching to the space.

What is it that we’re looking for mostly in a career? I think it would have something to do with wanting to feel comfortable, respected, and supported among our peers (having a family at work) and to grow as a better person, both personally and professionally. It is not a myth that we can have both. I have experienced it here in IDN Media. And I call them my family. One big family.

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