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IDN Media’s 10 Values to Keep Us Happy as Human Beings

30 Nov 19 | 23:49

Amelia Rosary

IDN Media’s 10 Values to Keep Us Happy as Human Beings

If Indonesia has Pancasila, we interestingly have Timmyness!

The blog contents of IDN Media severally mentions about the 10 Timmyness. We're aware that to make a good background knowledge, we'll have to provide one article about the 10 Timmyness we've always held.

Here are the 10 lists to make it easier for you to understand:

  1. Bringing creativity, sincerity, and passion to work. 

The combination of those three will result in something that has values—it isn't merely a product, it's a useful product worth sharing as it has stories behind it. We know that everything started with a little spice of fondness will do.

  1. Communicating properly and acting ethically. 

Other Timmys maybe our friends in our personal lives, but this doesn't mean we can treat them haphazardly. This helps one Timmy to connect with other Timmys. Remember that verbal communication represents ourselves and that's usually the first thing to assess. 

  1. Thriving in ambiguity and fast-paced environment with constant changes. 

As a startup company, we plan shorty, we execute rapidly. That's always the circle of in the life of IDN Media. Being not accustomed to this will just make us exhausted. We need more energy from strong millennials to help build our beloved company! 

  1. Being active and collaborative rather than competitive.

Timmys should really support each other to achieve their goals. We're coming to the era of the collaboration since being competitive has been really out of date. A positive synergy completing each other's shortfall is precisely the one thing we're breathing.

  1. Embracing diversity. 

Having a lot of diversities within, IDN Media is a small and modest example of Indonesia. We believe that differences must bring a pearl of unknown wisdom for humans in general practically appreciate one another.

  1. Maintaining a positive attitude even when things don't go one's way. 

Keep ourselves calm, people! When things are not going to the direction we want, those things must drive us into a better path. Take it easy!

  1. Assisting others in the group with their work for the benefit of the group. 

We like it when somebody else understanding a certain subject better than us lets us know how to do something or how to fix it. It’s splendid because we won’t feel alone and our improvement will be for the benefit of the group. 

  1. Praising coworkers when they are successful and helping them when they need it.

We know how it feels to be appreciated—that’s a mixture of happy feeling, touched, regarded. Simply by saying “Kudos, you’ve finally made it!”, for example, will do a lot.

  1. Doing the right thing even when no one's watching. 

Most people like us, of course, will do the right things, but what if no one is watching us? Will we still do the same? Yes, that should really be!

  1. Seeing the company's success as one's own success.

If the company is successful for a certain accomplishment, hey, that’s our success, too! We’re all involved in the struggle. Don’t feel sorry for ourselves, each of us does matter for the company.

Those are the values we believed we need to bring not only throughout our career but also our life to make ourselves valuable as humans! 

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