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Favorite Magic Words in Timmyness Nine and Six

30 Nov 19 | 13:24

Amelia Rosary

Favorite Magic Words in Timmyness Nine and Six

Still about Timmyness, on the 19th floor of the building, we met Cakraningrat Kumolo (Social Media Manager at IDN Times) and Restu Putri (Editorial Secretary) and briefly asked them why Timmyness should stand there along with the life of IDN Media. Cakra, as the one to start, answered, "I appreciate every single one's preference—they're free to choose what they want to be or how they look, but it doesn't mean that we can live without regulations." Timmyness, for him, was that set of regulations making working humans as humans. We had that Diversity is Beautiful, indeed, but what came to be Cakra's favorite was Do the Right Thing Even When No One is Watching, while Putri preferred Maintaining a Positive Attitude Even When Things Don't Go One's Way.


Basically, every Timmyness is insightful, but there must be one or two striking our hearts. Well, that one may be our favorite.

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