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IDN Times' New Segment: Curhat Lewat Tarot (Telling Through Tarot)

2 Dec 19 | 16:07

Amelia Rosary

IDN Times' New Segment: Curhat Lewat Tarot (Telling Through Tarot)

Tarot? Mysterious.


We chose some random cards, we saw the signs—our will was the magic. The universe's secrets were something worth revealing, but it was just humans that were too busy sometimes. That was why tarot could help make us aware of small things around us and know ourselves better. Curhat Lewat Tarot, a new segment at IDN Times, wanted to be the bridge helping the universe to talk to us, then.


Coming with a different topic in every episode, the audience could ask any questions they might have through a live-chat—love, life, health, family, anything. The host, Qilan Umara, would read that and the card reader, Aldzah Aditya, the reporter of IDN Times, would pick the cards and read them, just specially for the one asking.


Aldzah said, "I learned tarot cards from 4 years ago, directly from the book. It didn't start with any supernatural power, but it can’t be denied that I have that gift. I just want my gift to have nothing to do with the tarot reading I do. To be frank, for a face-to-face reading, I’ll just use the learning method, but without my presence—well, I don’t have any idea if this makes sense to you, but the reading still can be done. There’s a way to use a certain energy to reach them out.”


IDN Times believed that to read the universe’s configuration, we would never need to give something material in return since the universe was always meant for humans. There was nothing to pay: we usually live-streamed at IDN Times' YouTube channel every Thursday night at around 05.00 PM—Thursday night, a mystical night for most Indonesians. 



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