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Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo at IDN Times Suara Millennial: Empowerment Should Touch All Elements

2 Dec 19 | 18:22

Amelia Rosary

Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo at IDN Times Suara Millennial: Empowerment Should Touch All Elements

Last 28 November 2019, we were visited by Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo as the Chief Food Officer of Gojek Group at the melting pot of IDN Media HQ. Who ordered GoFood every single day or, at least, almost every single day? Hmm, could you imagine: a lot of restaurants with various kinds of food, customers, drivers—blimey! There must be many things to work on and sort out. 

When we asked her about how she first knew Nadiem Makarim, she revealed, “He was my colleague when we both first jumped into the working realm at a management consultant. If you’re interested in knowing how this all began, well, Gojek started with 3 products: GoRide, GoSend, and GoShop. As time went by, we listened to the people's feedback and they wanted a multiple-food-variety delivery from several merchants. That was how Gojek started flapping its wings to another sort of business: GoFood.” Spending more or less 10 hours a day at work, this woman mentioned herself to be acquisitive (curious for ideas and information for reasons); she knew she fell head over heels in love with the journeys she was undergoing to discover the most right system for the company. 

Anyway, ever guessed that GoFood contributed to the Small Micro Medium Enterprises (SMME) in Indonesia? Yes, a big deal—Catherine said, “96% out of 100% of our partners is SMME and we help stimulate the emergence of many other entrepreneurs in this sector.” Other than that, GoFood wanted to provide another kind of choice—indeed, we could buy food either online or offline, we just needed to make it in accordance with the occasion. Offline for a celebration and online for convenience if you wanted to have a family time, for example. 


Catherine was seen to be a young inspiring woman who stood on the first line of GoFood—could it be called a woman empowerment? She believed it had nothing to do with her being a woman, whatsoever. All she knew was that the collaboration of the different elements within the organization was the thing making it all work out—men and women, Christians and Moslems, Chinese and Javanese. The people who collaborated were powerful. 

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