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Timmys' Happiness Index: Make Our Employees Always Happy at Work!

12 Dec 19 | 14:16

Amelia Rosary

Timmys' Happiness Index: Make Our Employees Always Happy at Work!

In the last month of the year, let’s start this blog with a question: are you a fresh graduate? Well, that’s interesting, you will most likely wonder how it feels to work. The employees who seek for another better experience from a more reliable company also question how it is to work comfortably without any ‘personal’ pressure. Unfortunately, if they have any, they usually tend to end up avoiding all the unconducive situations. 

Too bad! We never want to go in that direction. IDN Media, as a startup media company, has always considered each Timmy as one of the customers—they have to be treated well so that the turnover number of the employees will always be low and development is the company's priority. It's why in this last month of the fourth quarter in 2019, IDN Media has the so-called “Timmy Happiness Index” to keep its commitment to always maintain the Timmys' happiness.

Citra Zainuri, the Senior Talent Management explained what her team usually would do after the submission, “We will analyze the data we’ve got from all employees in the company. After that, we’ll break them down again into several aspects, such as communication, recognition, vision, leadership, creative lab, etc., and compare each with the one from the previous quarter to know if they're improving or not. We’re going to communicate the analyses to the department leaders in order to discuss what steps to take so that we can keep all Timmys happily grow at work.”

Modern companies will always understand the fact that most of our time will be spent at work, so we mustn’t want to make our employees waste any of it, of course. Keep calm and enjoy happy days, professional humans!


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