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#MeetTimmy: Eva Septiana, Reaping Sweet Fruit

17 Dec 19 | 12:19

Amelia Rosary

#MeetTimmy: Eva Septiana, Reaping Sweet Fruit

Another week, another Timmy. Eva Septiana, our Office Manager. Well, not all people might be familiar with this girl, eh, or woman? Anyway, yeah, since we'd have this #MeetTimmy, let's just get to know her better! 

Eva was born on 9 September 1993. Time flew by quite quickly that this December would be precisely the 12th month of this Bachelor of Economics from the University of Satya Negara Indonesia joined IDN Media. 

Yeah, almost a year. How would she feel about being a part of IDN Media this far, then? 

She admitted that being a part of IDN Media drove her to be the truest version of herself. She could already take some time to reflect on the personal differences she had undergone, like in solving problems, presenting herself at work, and voicing out her opinions. 

Being the Office Manager of IDN Media who would mostly talk not only to Timmys but also to external connections, she knew that this job was really the one she'd been looking for. Eva was basically the type of person who was keen on meeting and talking to other people. However, it wasn’t only talking that she was into because she mentioned that becoming a listener was also her secret talent! Who said to be a listener didn’t need any talent? Hey, it did!

“I know now how to manage not only the office and the vendors but also the Timmys of IDN Media. Different types of people would also need different treatments, that’s why I need to understand how to face this kind of personality and that kind of personality—they’re like 2 different poles,” said she. Being well-organized and disciplined like her would be hard to do, but she mentioned that taking notes to remember the things she got to do on a certain whole day would mean a lot.


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