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November Batch Timmys: A Perfect-Fit for Millennials' and Gen Z's Career

25 Dec 19 | 02:48

Amelia Rosary

November Batch Timmys: A Perfect-Fit for Millennials' and Gen Z's Career

Since not all new Timmys could come, we'd like to meet Diki, Andhika, Putu, Al, Jessica, Safira, Jess, and Ratih as the representatives of the November Timmys. They have now been a part of IDN Media for a month. How is #LifeatIDNMedia going based on their perspectives? 

"I've really found out that there's no seniority here. The environment is undoubtedly open and friendly, so working here, as long as the culture is always like this, will make me remain young, I believe," Al began. His friends and he flashbacked to the day when they saw the vacancies. The advertisement was everywhere—it was on IG, LinkedIn, Kalibrr, website, etc., so it made them curious about what on earth IDN Media actually was. They admitted that they hadn't been familiar with the name, but then realized since they intended to join the company, that it was exactly the online media they usually read. 

When they were asked about the challenges they found in applying for the positions, it was surprising that each of them apparently was required to make a study case—it depended on the position they applied! Jessica, as an important part of IDN Creator Network, shared with us, "The study case had to be done within 2 days and, of course, I needed to submit it before the due-day in order to make a good impression. Since I'm at IDN Creator Network, I should select a certain product, a suitable KOL (Key Opinion Leader) for the product itself, how many posts should be published, in what way, the budget, etc. It was challenging, indeed, for I needed to get that done less than 2 days. On the other hand, it surely helped the company to select the best candidates. Not to mention, one of those should be me!" other November Timmys like Jess (a Chef at Yummy), Safira (Writer at, for example, were required to do the different kind of the same thing: Jess invented a recipe, Safira wrote an article. 

The length of the recruitment process they were undergoing was varied—well, it depended, again, on the tasks given to them. If it wasn't very complicated to check, the candidate would be notified earlier whether they were accepted or not. The most important thing, according to Putu, "Just give it a shot and be total in everything that we do."

Being beyond happy at IDN Media, these November 2019 Timmys mentioned that accompanied by many other Millennials and Gen Z, they felt so supported at work because they would most likely understand each other's point of view. Strengthened with the friendly and inclusive cultures IDN Media has hold, it basically wants to be the perfect-fit for Millennials and Gen Z to start or continue their career.


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