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The 1st Winner of Sea Games Writing Competition

30 Dec 19 | 17:19

Amelia Rosary

The 1st Winner of Sea Games Writing Competition

IDN Media has always wanted to help each Timmy grow personally and professionally. As a team, we’re proud of the fact that one of our reporters at IDN Times sports channel called Ilyas Listiyanto Mujib has just become the 1st winner of the Sea Games Writing Competition 2019 last 16 December 2019.

Some people may think, “He’s a reporter, what’s difficult for him to win a writing competition?” Yes, it seems to be easy, but it’s better to know what’s behind the championship, isn’t it?

“I was not into writing, I was even a student of financial management major. One day, I thought, ‘What will I be when I’m not even good at anything related to the subject I’ve taken?’ From that moment on, I knew I had to find one hobby that could make me bold in one certain thing, so I could flap my wings on it. Writing, it was!” said he when we asked him about how he first started writing. 

Like most human beings in Indonesia, after graduating from his university, he tried to get himself into a career path in the State-Owned Enterprises. However, since the universe didn't let him go to that direction, he finally turned around and chose to be an article contributor to one of the well-known printed media companies in Indonesia.

He started his writing career on the sports channel and it went on even up to now. "I kept writing and writing although I did it without any certain purposes. It was mostly about the thing I was mostly interested in, namely sports. However, we’ll do much better if we understand the current issues happening around us, whatever they may be. To stay doing good at writing, I usually take a careful look at the diction, grammar, and structure of every sentence. Be your own proofreader and doing error and trial system is not bad, too," he told us about what he used to do to train his ability in writing. 


To have a sneak-peek of the article he wrote, well, since listicle news has been the signature of IDN Times, he also brought this into his article. Many people might think that a listicle article wouldn’t make any in-depth discussion, but Ilyas said, “I want my points to be delivered clearly and easily. The titles of each part is just the sub-head of the longer explanation at that very point. Being listicle, then, doesn’t mean not being in-depth.”

A journalist would just give the best to write something worth spreading. Ilyas mentioned that an award or a prize was actually just an appreciation or a bonus. Journalists are immortal, they leave their legacies through words, no matter what.

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