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Meet Timmy: Good Game, Well Played, but Interaction is a Priority!

30 Dec 19 | 10:02

Amelia Rosary

Meet Timmy: Good Game, Well Played, but Interaction is a Priority!

Have any of you heard In case you aren’t familiar with it, it is the #1 game multi-platform of media, team, community, and activation standing under the brand of IDN Media. 


In #MeetTimmy this time, we’re going to get to know Lucky Fadhilla Widodo, the Account Manager of


We met him on the 19th floor of IDN Media HQ building. This Diploma of Agribusiness from Institut Pertanian Bogor was born on 20 November 29 years ago.

This was apparently his first experience of working at a startup company where he was able to work with many other millennials. “With the young spirit around us, the working environment can be way funnier and friendlier! My opinions as a newbie are heard because of the thin boundaries between each role—even my superior will want to listen to my perspectives and he never takes them for granted,” said he when we asked him about what he felt after some months of becoming a Timmy at IDN Media. 


Yep, I know that being young would feel so splendid!


Well, working at a new segment of IDN Media, he understood since day one that the difficulties he might face were the process of, first, making familiar and, second, making his clients sure that e-sport was such a good prospect in the near future. He stated, “Perhaps some of you will wonder who my clients are. If I mention F&B companies, can you find the correlation between the companies and We should relate that gamers, who usually sleep late at night, will eat something that isn’t complicated. From my statement just now, we can understand that coffee and cup noodle will be two of the most suitable F&B accompanying gamers to play games.”


This Account Manager of who would sincerely give his time for his clients secretly was also a huge fan of games like Mobile Legend and PUBG! No wonder he could give us a vivid explanation of what a gamer would need when they were busy of playing one certain game!

However, he, at last, told us, “Yeah, I very know how it feels to play games. It’s addictive, isn’t it? Create a tight schedule to regulate your own time. Give it up when you have something else to do, like to interact with the ones around you, for example. You’re still a human who always need communication and interaction.”

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