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Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020: The Importance of Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 Seen through the Participants’ Perspectives

20 Jan 20 | 19:00

Amelia Rosary

Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020: The Importance of Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 Seen through the Participants’ Perspectives

Taking place in The Tribrata, Jakarta, Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 was such an attractive event for Indonesian millennials. This statement was proven by the fact that most of the participants of Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 were Indonesian millennials who would like to contribute to the golden period that Indonesia would soon undergo in 2045. Intending to hear testimonies from some participants, we, then, held a modest interview with some students from Universitas Pembangunan Jaya.

Ghiffara Dandossi, for example, admitted that he got a new unforgettable experience and inspiration after attending the "Visionary Leaders" session with Najwa Shihab, Senior Journalist and Founder of Narasi TV. "What was conveyed by Najwa did make me think like, 'Hey, I'm still young and get a lot of things to pursue, I won't let my time wasted. I've got to be productive while I'm still young.' Well, other than that, the way she conveyed her points was very clear, organized, precise—it evoked my spirit," he explained. 

While for "Future is Female" stage presented by, another one called Antika Prameswara expressed her impression towards Luna Maya. When Luna Maya mentioned no matter how hard we tried, there must be some people who would dislike us, Antika said, "That kind of statement may be heard quite often, but with the supporting atmosphere, the way she conveyed her statements along with the interesting stories of her own experiences, it felt more vivid and convincing. Sometimes, we, indeed, don't need to listen to what other people say—we better focus on ourselves and the goals we're planning to achieve."


In "Talent Trifecta", a place that gathered many iconic artists as well as young talents to voice out their contribution to Indonesia, Melati Fatikasari finally decided to attend the session of Arief Muhammad. When asked about the first impression she had at the moment she joined, she stated, "Astonishing! In this session, the speaker, Arief Muhammad, often made us burst into laughter because of his jokes. However, he balanced the jokes with something worth listening: he encouraged every single one in the room to be confident to make content, whatever it might be. 'Just try it out,' said he."  

In the last stage, "Hijrah", another fellow coming from Universitas Pembangunan Jaya called Muhammad Divo, declared his reason why he had himself involved in this topic, "Going on pilgrimage (naik haji) is, of course, the dream of almost all Moslems in this world. Registering early for one while earning money, according to what A Iskandar Zulkarnain as the Member of the Hajj Financial Management Agency (Anggota Badan Pelaksana Badan Pengelola Keuangan Haji) stated, was one of the good, wise things that millennials could do to fulfill the religious aspect in life which was quite often forgotten. Just Rp 20.000 each day for 4 years would really help us implement the dream. Of course, that kind of statement did make me, personally, become wiser and more responsive in planning my next steps."

Before taking real actions to build Indonesia, arranging the steps we were about to take wasn't a thing we could skip. More information about Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 could be accessed by downloading IDN App on Google Play or Play Store.

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