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Timmy of the Month: "Success is the Sum of Small Efforts, Repeated Day in and Day out"

27 Jan 20 | 10:13

Amelia Rosary

Timmy of the Month: "Success is the Sum of Small Efforts, Repeated Day in and Day out"

January 2020, a new fresh start and more paths to discover. It’s now time for Timmy of the Month—let’s meet Eva Septiana! Since Palmerah office until today, Eva has consistently and patiently worked to support Timmy's everyday needs and to ensure that our office is comfortable. Handling all the hassles and office issues, she continuously shows our seventh Timmyness: "Assisting others in the group with their work for the benefit of the group".

Congratulations, Eva, you're selected as the Timmy of the Month! What's your role at IDN Media?

That’s such an honor! I'm the Office Manager of IDN Media. 


Anyway, do you like being the Office Manager at IDN Media?

Of course, I do. I like connecting with other people, to communicate and to find a solution for a certain hassle. Dealing with our catering vendor, for example, or laptop vendor. Yes, it's very exhausting, but I believe working without any dynamic movement isn't going to be as interesting as it is now.

With what you do, how do you claim yourself to be helpful for the people around you and the company?

I can't claim myself to be very helpful or useful for other Timmys, but as long as I know, I always give my best to be helpful for others. When a Timmy needs an additional camera, let's say, I'll be the one who's ready for the procurement. Yeah, just as simple as that. 

What's your guideline to undergo your own life?

Becoming a good wife for my husband and a good mother for my kids. Well, I think that one is the basic dream of all women. While in professional life, I want to be more friendly, but still firm on what I intend to do; to keep on spitting out the three basic things all people may have known: sorry, please, and thanks. We work with other people and it requires a flexible and dynamic mind to interact with them all.   


How do you usually tackle problems—life problems and problems at work? 

I usually sort things out first and start doing the easier, simpler ones. That's way better than doing nothing at all as actions should be executed, not just imagined. However, as a human being, I still believe in the greater power that exists in this universe: that's God. No matter what the problems are, when we know we have something to hold onto, we won't be so worried.

How do you react over any negative news—literally any negative news currently happening in our country?

If that refers to political stuff, well, to know what’s the most recent news around me: what's correct and what's less correct, that's it—I'm all enough as long as I know my own stand. However, for news like the flood attacking Jakarta a few weeks ago, I'd be very sympathetic, even empathetic. Together with my coworkers and partners, we all did give them help in the form of lunch boxes, pieces of bread, instant noodles, etc. I felt relieved by then. 

Why are you grateful to become a part of a startup media company like IDN Media?


I'm totally grateful as I have coworkers that can also be my friends—we're all almost at the same age! It's so splendid, isn't it? This, then, makes the company's culture have no seniority at all and there are many professional and personal opportunities I can try here.    


What do you dream about?


Just like other people's dreams, I want to start my own business, create something new, and execute the plan. I may haven't decided what business, but I'm currently considering it. 

What's your saying for other Office Managers out there so that you guys can give your best performance at work?

We've got these a lot of things, we're doing all greatly! Stay cool, be patient, friendly, and caring in assisting your coworkers with some complaints they have. However, know what you're doing as well, don't let being friendly make you not decisive enough as an Office Manager. 

What do you do to keep being happy while working in a fast-paced company?

Be patient, positive, and bold. If a bad thing happens, just believe that a good thing will also come over to replace the unwanted situation—there always must be a way out. Ah, never forget that music heals, too, and spend your time with your loved ones!

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” is what Eva has always believed in. A successful self doesn’t happen overnight as it takes a lot of perseverance and patience. There is always a continuous process of improvement every single day. 

 Congratulations, Eva!

Timmy of the Month is a reward for Timmys who embrace Timmyness fully, take extra miles in doing their job, spread positivity (yes, it's all about positive vibe), and have a very high standard of integrity.

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