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IDN Media’s First Town Hall in 2020: Think Big, Make It Long-Term

30 Jan 20 | 17:17

Amelia Rosary

IDN Media’s First Town Hall in 2020: Think Big, Make It Long-Term

Some days after Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 (IMS 2020) IDN Media conducted a Town Hall where all Timmys gathered and sat together at the Melting Pot of IDN Media last January 21, 2020. Not only Jakarta Timmys who were invited, but on the same day, Surabaya Timmys also had the same excitement of Town Hall in IDN Media Surabaya Creative Lab. Winston Utomo, the Founder and CEO of IDN Media, firstly opened the Town Hall by saying thank you for simply being parts of IDN Media so that the last event we conducted, IMS 2020, was very surprisingly successful!

What was the significance of this Town Hall? We did introduce new Timmys, yes, we did. However, other than that, we also made a real plan on what we would like to execute this year. We believed that a long-life company also needed to have a sustainable way of thinking. We should focus not only on just one certain capability. Instead, we would have to flap our wings into something larger, but still relevant. Yes, we had been a pure media company and now we’d like to become a media-tech and content platform company.

We wanted more than just simply granting information: we wanted to also become the expertise of marketing having a good culture internally and giving a positive impact externally. In order to achieve those priorities of ours, there are 3 mindsets that we all should have in 2020. Winston detailed, “First, focus and speed. When we know our goal, we don’t want to waste timeーplan, execute, evaluate, repeat, improve. Second, inclusion. Behind a good company, there are happy employees. It’s why IDN Media has always tried its best to create an inclusive culture where every single one is involved and feels appreciated. Third, sustainable thinking. To understand and keep following what’s the most recent tendency in order to survive throughout those changes is what’s meant by sustainable thinking itself. In brief, it’s our ability to adapt.”

According to what Winston said, IDN Media’s vision to democratize information and bring positive impacts to society would always be a work-in-progress. In 2020, we’d like to make it the "Year of Innovation". To implement it, let’s think big for growth-orientation in a long-term period.


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