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December Batch Timmys: “Not Expecting Much, but Giving All of Us”

31 Jan 20 | 17:14

Amelia Rosary

December Batch Timmys: “Not Expecting Much, but Giving All of Us”

As usual, after a month of becoming a part of IDN Media, we'd now like to welcome Ismail (Business Development of IDN Times), Andhina (Relationship Editor of Popbela) Audira (Signature Event Associate), Chita (Custom Event Associate), Maudy (Business Development of IDN Times), Nadya (Creator Development Associate of ICN), Raisha (Digital Strategy Associate of ICN), and Rendra (Commercial Video Associate of IDN Creative) as the representatives of the December Timmys. They have now been a part of IDN Media for a month. How is #LifeatIDNMedia going based on their views?

"My expectation was that I could make IDN Media as not only a workplace but also a playground. I’ve now just found out that it’s true as my opinions are heard and considered, although I know what I give sometimes seems to be trivial. In brief, it all feels just right," Rendra initiated to talk. Accompanied by many other Millennials and Gen Z, they knew that there should be a bunch of ambition and collaboration. With the inclusive cultures, they said they were ready for whatever might happen in the upcoming days. 

If the previous batch stated that they hadn’t been very familiar with IDN Media, December batch was vice versa. Knowing IDN Media as a startup media company quite well, they shared with us about their experiences when they first applied for the jobs at IDN Media. Some mentioned, “I knew that IDN Media opened recruitment for the position I applied from my colleague working at IDN Media as well.” While some others said, "I knew the vacancy after scrolling my LinkedIn homepage down. The link was connected to Kalibrr and here I am now!” 

As usual, as the next step of the recruitment process, each of them was obliged to make a study case. Taking a role as a Creator Development Associate of ICN, Nadya said, “Yes, I had 2 days to get my study case done. My case was about Ramayana which needed to have a campaign. With the budget it had, I got to decide who the KOLs were supposed to be, how many of them, what criteria they had to fulfill. To be honest, I really had nothing to lose. I was given a very short creative brief, the time was very limited, I couldn’t give the best all-out of me. Surprisingly, knowing that the acceptance rate of IDN Media is low, I’m thankful that I’m here today to give my best for the sake of the company.”

Being asked about what they had done in order to be the parts of IDN Media, Chita stated, “Originality is the first thing you’ve got to remember when you go onto the next step, namely study-case. It pretty takes energy, but just try to give the best. Okay, to be frank, don’t expect too much, but, well, you won’t know if you don’t even try, will you?”


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