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Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020: The Collaborative Culture Had Left an Imprint

3 Feb 20 | 14:00

Amelia Rosary

Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020: The Collaborative Culture Had Left an Imprint

Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 (IMS 2020) had been done with flying colors. The event was attended by more than 6.500 millennial leaders who really wanted to move the nation forward. We always believed that young people were exactly the ones being able to struggle for the better Indonesia.

Closing the festive event that IDN Media annually held, we conducted an evaluation that involved all Timmys. Along with the positive feedbacks that IDN Media got for conducting this event, Winston Utomo (the CEO of IDN Media), William Utomo (COO of IDN Media), and Uni Lubis (the Editor-in-Chief of IDN Times) stated that we all decided to focus still on democratizing information that society consumed every single day.

Collaboration was the main point that IDN Media wanted to emphasize. Therefore, Winston Utomo (CEO of IDN Media) said, “I believe IDN Media is the only media company that invites other media companies’ involvement in its big annual event like Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020. We also want them to be the parts of IMS 2020’s success: as moderators, as speakers.”

This collaborative culture had apparently left an imprint in the hearts and minds of all Timmys. At the same moment, there were 3 Timmys who were called to stand onto the stage since IMS 2020 was actually the last event they arranged as parts of IDN Event. The female ones, Tita and Saverina as Event Associates were going to move roles (IDN Media allowed horizontal movement after 1 year), while the male one, Irham Hanifan, was going to have a new journey of his own in another city. 


They were even burst into tears after some years of being parts of IDN Event. All the bitter and sweet memories and togetherness would always be there for the rest of their lives. Coming as friends, leaving as families. 


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