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IDN Chat Vol. 01: IDN Media is to Spread More Knowing

5 Feb 20 | 11:00

Amelia Rosary

IDN Chat Vol. 01: IDN Media is to Spread More Knowing

Getting along with the new era, IDN Media also wants to get itself involved in giving insightful ideas and perspectives to people. After a long session of brainstorm, we’ve finally come to a decision that IDN Media is going to conduct an interactive talk-show once every 2 weeks. 

We officially determine to call it IDN Chat Vol. 01. Some will probably ask a basic question, like why do we name it IDN Chat, instead of IDN Talk or IDN Communal? The Community Development Manager of IDN Media, Ruth Dita Christianti, revealed, “We’ve taken quite a long time to consider this. Finally, we choose IDN Chat because, well, you can feel the sense of texting, browsing, seeing successful people online, and you eventually can meet up, even chat with those people offline in IDN Chat.”

Inviting many notable speakers with various important roles whose journeys may inspire us, we conducted campus roadshows previously and we think it’s time to shift now. Athira Esa Sekarwati, as a member of our Community Development, added, “Why do we not utilize our Melting Pot as a place where we can spread more useful knowledge. In addition, we make this IDN Chat as a more premium community event. We previously invited more or less 30 people only, but now it’s going to be more people and the speakers invited are going to be way more legit as well.”


To sum up, IDN Chat Vol. 01 is a signature event presented by IDN Media that enables people to have fresh discussions about many attractive topics, such as technology, health, and entrepreneurship. Gibran Mohammad Raihan, as part of Community Development, stated, “IDN Chat is where notions worth spreading take place, where we can practically sharpen the unknown potentials within us.”

In Vol. 01 that will be held on 07 February 2020 later, we’ll have the presence of Aswin T. Utomo (Tokopedia’s Vice President of Engineering) and Herman Widjaja (Senior Tokopedia’s Vice President of Engineering) and they’ll talk about the “Innovation Secrets of Tokopedia”.

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