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11 Feb 20 | 17:07

Amelia Rosary Has Now Become the #1 Parenting Media According to ComScore has now become the #1 media company based on ComScore for its Monthly Unique Visitors. This milestone has marked the struggle that has been undergoing to provide the most informative and complete parenting knowledge for millennial parents, especially for millennial mamas. 

Since ComScore assesses websites not only based on the aspects of designs but also contents,'s Editor-in-Chief said, "It's harder to maintain rather than to get something better. That's why we don't want to stop here, in this month only—we  just want this milestone to be another stimulus to keep giving the best for our audience, creatively and critically." According to the data, 30% of our readers are millennial papas, while the other 70% are millennial mamas. 

Firstly formed based on various observations, giving accurate and reliable guidance for them is truly our main objective. Therefore,'s team and all other departments involved will work together and support each other to sustain the achievement we've struggled for.

Sandra Ratnasati (Editor-in-Chief of "We'll need our readers' help to keep us informed about the hassles, challenges, curiosities that they have, especially in terms of parenting issues. Remember, when we raise our kids well, we grow our nation well all along, too."





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