top of page's Team: From Empowering Local-Brand to Giving Each Other Comfort

11 Feb 20 | 18:01

Amelia Rosary's Team: From Empowering Local-Brand to Giving Each Other Comfort

Occupying the first rank based on ComScore for its monthly visitors, is about to have its 4th birthday this valentine. As it's been getting closer to the day full of love and joy, it isn't any better if we don't start discussing What's so special about it? 

We met Shafira Annisa Putri, the Creative Writer of, once we finished our lunch. We met her at our studio during's photo session for its 4th birthday party. Firstly questioned, she acknowledged that working here was her first step after graduating from her university. "Sometimes, I don't understand what to do whenever it comes to an unfamiliar thing related to writing. They'll let me learn patiently as they are also supportive," said she. For general workers—like Shafira—caring co-workers were mentioned to be the most significant factor defining the quality of our work-hours. met her expectations on that. 

When asked about the visions that continued to hold onto, Jennifer Atanjung, another Creative Writer of, explained, "It's astonishing that, as part of IDN Media, we've started believing in the power of localization as well. At first, yes, we focused more on Hollywood figures. However, as we want to start relying on the local ones, we've decided to shift by then. We do utilize local talents now so that they can get some exposure at the same time." might actually have a question that bounced back as a wise reflection: if it wasn't us empowering local figures, who else would? 

What made more interesting was its objective to create a better place for women to live. It never had to start with something very big—we could start from the least thing around us, like giving each other comfort and warmth: as simple as that. Not only women should do this, but should also men. It was definitely nothing wrong with showing male emotions and sentiments. 


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