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11 Feb 20 | 18:19

Amelia Rosary Empowering Women from #IAMREAL to #FutureIsFemale

Occupying the first rank based on ComScore for its monthly visitors, is about to have its 4th birthday this valentine. As it's been getting closer to the day full of love and joy, let’s get to know Popbela’s life at IDN Media.

Anyway, what’s the importance of a campaign? Yes, it’s basically to organize a series of activities in order to achieve something. has always wanted to create campaigns showing the power that women are capable of doing the things they believe in—well, that’s the goal. In 2019 we had #IAMREAL, while in 2020, we have #FutureIsFemale.

Well, to have a little flashback, #IAMREAL was the highlighted notion we also brought to Beauty Fest Asia 2019. It actually portrayed the definition of beauty that varied from one individual to another one, from one society to another one. Judithya Pitana, the Editor-in-Chief of, mentioned boldly, “Be you and be real. Accepting and embracing ourselves the way we really are is the one purpose that we want to focus on. We’re pretty, no matter what size, color, and shape.” 

To continue it, in Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 last 17-18 January 2020, IDN Media together with made a kick-off of the #FutureIsFemale campaign by opening up a stage named “Future is Female”. Revealing the truths of stigmas and prejudices in our society, this topic was made to be aligned with the new hashtag we’d like to carry in: #FutureIsFemale. “#FutureIsFemale encourages women to support one another, compete fairly in a gracious way. The future is surely going to be a better period when we can fight against injustice. We are all in this together," said Michael Richards, the Fashion Editor of

#FutureIsFemale is more than just a campaign: it’s a name with spirit as well as energy that will light us along this year. To empower and to be empowered at the same time are the keys to prove that both men and women deserve fair and mutual treatment. Women, especially, can do various things─not only domestic aspects.

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