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BeautyFest Asia 2020: A Flashback on BeautyFest Asia 2019 and Manny's Sharing

11 Feb 20 | 09:08

Amelia Rosary

BeautyFest Asia 2020: A Flashback on BeautyFest Asia 2019 and Manny's Sharing

BeautyFest Asia—the largest beauty festival and exhibition in Southeast Asia, where we connect notable beauty experts, beauty creators, beauty brands, and beauty enthusiasts. 

Yes, BeautyFest Asia 2020 by Popbela is really about to arrive with a fresh campaign: #FutureIsFemale. To have a clearer portrayal of the big beauty event which intends to inspire us about gender issue, going back to the good old memories of BeautyFest 2019 can perhaps help us remember what's special from it. 

Raising a campaign that hopefully could have been an inspiring source for people to hold onto, BeautyFest Asia 2019 had #IAMREAL. Manny MUA, a beauty vlogger from the U.S., was invited to the festive event last year to share with us his stories, insecurities, and perspectives about #IAMREAL. “Beauty brands were taking me for granted, especially 6 years ago when men-with-makeup trend hadn't been as hype as it has been now. It seemed like I couldn't get any chance just because I was a man having an interest in makeup, yeah, feminine stuff. Now, the more they act that way, the harder I work to achieve more," he explained. 

It didn’t stop there: it was inevitable that hateful people couldn’t stop giving negative comments on his YouTube channel—bullying him even up to now. "Don't overthink and put too much focus on what others may say. Just focus on your own journey and the steps you'll take to get to the future," Manny reminded us to keep struggling to show our real selves. 

#IAMREAL, for Manny, was all about confidence. With that confidence, we would never change anything on ourselves to appreciate whatever we all came in with: shape, size, color. “Whatever you may look like, whatever others say, if you want to make your dream come true, go grab that one, fight for it,” he said.


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