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Popbela’s 4th Anniversary: Engaging Our Audience to Improve the Quality

13 Feb 20 | 15:41

Amelia Rosary

Popbela’s 4th Anniversary: Engaging Our Audience to Improve the Quality

14 February 2020 is not only about Valentine's day because it's also going to be the celebration of the 4th anniversary of Gaining the first rank for its monthly visits, has always wanted to be the most right place for millennial and gen z audiences to get the most complete and balanced information about fashion, beauty, career, lifestyle, and relationship. 

As time goes by, specifically in its 4th birthday, is excited that the number of its members also keeps growing. “It’s just the 8 of us so far, not a big deal, but there’ll be one more person here soon. Other than that, now, we don’t focus on the traffic any longer as we’ve started focusing way more on the quality of the content,” Judithya Pitana, the Editor-in-Chief of, said. With quality content, Popbela is surely able to become the one media facilitating Indonesian women to develop more.

In this chance, reveals how it wants to always improve the quality of its contents. “Engaging more with our audience is one of the ways to improve the quality of our contents. In what way? Social learning. We can understand what our audience prefers if we hold a two-way-communication,” Judithya added. From this, we can provide the knowledge they want to obtain by writing more inspiring content. 

Disrupting ourselves to go out from our comfort zone is another key that all elements in IDN Media believe in. That way, we know we can make the products we’re brewing every single day become better all the time. Welcoming Popbela’s anniversary tomorrow, all the good wishes and hopes have always accompanied them all along.


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