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New Batch Timmys: The January Batch and Fulfillments of Their Expectations

19 Feb 20 | 21:45

Amelia Rosary

New Batch Timmys: The January Batch and Fulfillments of Their Expectations

This February, we had this January batch Timmys interviewed about their experiences after working for a month at IDN Media. There were these people named Tyas Hanina (Creative Writer of IDN Times), Intan Rumende (Event Associate), Fariz Muhamad (Event Associate), Devi Eko (Senior Product Manager), Satrio Adi (Account Manager), and Daniel Adam (Business Development Manager). What were their perspectives on IDN Media? Did they find those to be true?

When asked about the first impression of IDN Media, Satrio was the first person answering the question. He said, “I regularly read IDN Times and that became the reason why I was curious about it. Holding a little research, I know IDN Media isn’t only a publication media, but it’s also an agency of its own. Therefore, I’m confident that IDN Media must obtain rapid growth and I’ll be very happy to be one of the contributors later, really.”

Just like Satrio, working at IDN Media amazed Tyas, especially after being here for a month. She was once joining the internship program IDN Media held and she said, “I’m really a Timmy now and I can’t help myself falling in love with the company. I’ve always known what’s right for me and IDN Media should be the one. Not only because of the environment, but the working culture is never taken for granted, too. We put special focus on giving quality content, we never want to select relative dictions, like beautiful, good-looking, or to publish sensational news only giving little benefit for society.” 

To join IDN Media, they worked on some study cases related to the positions they were applying. Intan, for example, faced 3 steps of a study case which included a personal assessment, a project proposal, and a vendor list. She acknowledged, “Yes, every single one of us would all have a study case. I customized an event last time and it was a press conference for Laneige. I got to arrange the whole concept: the activity flow, the audience’s experience, the speakers, as well as the budgeting system. It was much, but I got nothing to lose. After that, I had to list down every possible vendor that I’d like to propose for the simulation event. Luckily, it wasn’t that confusing because I was a Procurement Staff of an Event Organizer, so I was able to mention some.”

Understanding the fact that IDN Media had a low acceptance rate (even very low), Devi mentioned, “We’ll be very glad to welcome new family members here. A little secret: your experience is the most-wanted thing here, no doubt. I did show Winston and William some projects of mine which I had successfully created before joining IDN Media. Other than that, logic is the second one. IDN Media will assess your logic as a human beingㅡwhen you face one certain occurrence, what will you do in order to get it done? In what way are you going to finish it?”

No matter how challenging the processes were, they believed that they could just bloom anyway with the culture IDN Media always upheld. Being in IDN Media enabled them to seek for possible, brilliant paths and to satisfy the hunger within them.

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