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BeautyFest Asia 2020: Here are the Two Reasons Why BeautyFest Asia Will Come Back in 2020

20 Feb 20 | 15:00

Amelia Rosary

BeautyFest Asia 2020: Here are the Two Reasons Why BeautyFest Asia Will Come Back in 2020

BeautyFest Asia 2020, the largest beauty festival and exhibition in Southeast Asia connecting notable beauty experts, beauty creators, beauty brands, and beauty enthusiasts, will come back on 3-5 April 2020 at Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta.

This 2020, initiates a campaign called #FutureIsFemale in order to make women understand the deeper meaning of beauty that each of them has. Judithya Pitana as the Editor-in-Chief of, stated, “The brighter future must also need the involvement of bold women nowadays.”

To set their spirit to the maximum speed, here are the 2 main reasons why wants to always encourage women through this BeautyFest Asia that we regularly conduct every year:

  1. BeautyFest Asia 2020 basically departs from most women’s insecurity

Selected as the campaign that intends to levitate for 2020, #FutureIsFemale has been all in the air since the very beginning of this year. Becoming a female-focused media for 4 years that always builds 2 ways of communication with its audience, understands the insecurities that its readers face. In order to help them become more confident about themselves, we’ve decided that BeautyFest Asia (with inspiring talk-shows and workshops about the true meaning of beauty) can be an answer to their question. The definitions of beauty vary from one perspective to another one, from one place to another one―it’s always relative. 

  1. Women are socially associated with putting makeup on

Judithya explained that based on the research she and her team previously had conducted, women apparently thought of other crucial things in life other than what shade of lipstick they would choose for tomorrow’s look, for example. “There are many other things that women need to think of because we just happen to be multitasking, I personally believe. Those things can be the considerations why they don’t marry someone yet, challenges they may find in raising their kids, what to cook after getting back from office, etc. It’s super complex and it’s super cool too that we can tackle them all down!”

“Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it, and own it” portrays well that every single one of us is beautiful and no one can define our own version of beauty. The most recent information about BeautyFest Asia 2020 can be accessed through its official Instagram account or website

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