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A Step at a Time Becoming a One-Stop Content Platform

22 Feb 20 | 10:10

Amelia Rosary

A Step at a Time Becoming a One-Stop Content Platform

Do you know that IDN Media is currently developing an app called IDN App?


The main reason is very simple: we want to create better experiences for our readers, or at least, they never have to type down “” in the search box anymore. Devi Eko Irianto (Eko), IDN Media’s Senior Product Manager, explained, “Not only as a news platform; IDN Media also wants to develop itself as a content platform where there will be various new activities or experiences that the readers can have.” 


To plan visionarily, IDN App will be a one-stop-platform providing the contents from all of our publishers, such as IDN Times,,, Yummy,, and “By making this up, we believe that the writer-community can also have broader topics to discuss and write. Those who want to write about games can write in, fashion in, etc, but just by opening one single platform” said Eko. A question and answer section called "Tanya Jawab IDN", a place enabling everyone to have an open discussion will be available in the app as well. 


When we asked Eko about some technical things representing the key of IDN App smooth launch, his team and he carefully considered, "Push-notification: if we have news about the flooding in Jakarta today, let’s say, this system automatically pushes the segment that most likely is affected by the unfortunate incident. Hyperlocal contents will also be in the app, so when our readers go to Bandung and need some information about the town, local contents from Bandung will appear, as long as the GPS is on."


One step is now being done by IDN Media in order to make IDN App as a content platform. We'll try our best to make the news provided in the app vivid, clear, and balanced.

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