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IDN Creator Network: Brands, Influencers, and Cool Stuff

3 Mar 20 | 08:00

Amelia Rosary

IDN Creator Network: Brands, Influencers, and Cool Stuff

This 8 March 2020, we’re about to have the third anniversary of IDN Creator Network (ICN). Like usual, this week, then, will be a special tribute for ICN. If you don’t know much about ICN, well, to explain it simply, it’s basically a creator marketing platform that helps brands engage with the best and most suitable influencers. Dealing with notable influencers is really one of the cool tasks they do.

The one thing they highlight the most is the togetherness ICN always prioritizes. “We take care of each other, we help each other. We feel like we’re working with family members, not co-workers,” said Yohana Sitpmpul as the Campaign Manager of ICN at the meeting. Rona Permatasari, the Creator Development Manager, added, “Other than that, I’m confident enough to say that being part of ICN enriches our networks, too. We meet a lot of people with various personalities and backgrounds out there, knowing them even more closely―super interesting!”

However, of course, they meet challenges as well. "We are actually the medium of a brand and an influencer. When we cannot clearly convey and communicate the idea of each side, that's where we find the problem," Madasakti Octobiyanto, the Product Lead of ICN, stated. 

To overcome the challenges, Hilfi Lizzia, the Creator Development Associate of ICN, revealed, "We've got to serve the best for our customers, so being multitasking, tolerant, and patient are the main things we have to hold onto. You’ll really need the three because the more you discuss things with them, the more obstacles you may find. Being able to analyze one’s personality in order to fit in is another key, too.” Those points may sound simple, but the power of positive repetition is undoubtedly super! 

To conclude, the three pillars of ICN which include supply (key opinion leader), demand (brand), and production have to really be synchronized so that it will result in profitable mutualism. 


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