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ICN and Their Perspectives on the International Women’s Day 2020

8 Mar 20 | 08:00

Amelia Rosary

ICN and Their Perspectives on the International Women’s Day 2020

Do you recognize that the 3rd anniversary of IDN Creator Network (ICN) on 8 March 2020 is also the International Women’s Day? 

The fun fact here is that 89% of ICN members are coincidentally female, so talking about the girls is really such a thing. “Beautiful is all about perception,” Hilfi Lizzia (Creator Development of ICN) stated briefly when she defined the word “beautiful”. Yes, they believe, as much as we all do, that women with confidence, kindness, and intelligence are those who conquer the world—no matter how they look.

Madasakti Octobiyanto (Product Lead of ICN), one of the three guys in the club, even admitted, “Appearance seems to be something that isn’t very prioritized anymore. We can see how women now have become the heart of almost all activities, from the domestic one—like taking care of the household—to the professional one. I’ve got to admit it.” Women are definitely not the number one runner-up as we also achieve things that we actually want. Yohana Sitompul (Campaign Manager of ICN) said, “We can work overtime too and we’re fine with that. Women aren’t that weak and fragile. Instead, we’re tough and we need some more space to prove it.”

Through the decades, we all have globally shared the struggle for gender equality and it has collectively defined our lives. We must take action together to achieve it with some small stuff that we do daily, like redefining the beauty standards and giving trust to women to finish what they work on. Again, women are cool when they hit the floor with confidence, kindness, and intelligence, but, as Kamila added, “Don’t forget to respect each other’s choices, too.”

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