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Here’s What Popmama Audience Says About the Upcoming Popmama Parenting Academy 2019

7 Oct 19 | 11:50

Amelia Rosary

Here’s What Popmama Audience Says About the Upcoming Popmama Parenting Academy 2019

It’s less than a week left for Popmama Parenting Academy 2019. Will be held in The Forum Atrium, Summarecon Mall Serpong, many are wondering how helpful this event is going to be for millennial parents. To find it out, talks to one of our loyal readers, Ken Jane, a young Mama of an 11-month-old baby that has registered herself, son, and husband via to come to Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 on 11-13 October 2019.

Hi, Mama Jane, thank you for your interest in coming to Popmama Parenting Academy 2019! We’re excited to know the reasons why you decide to join this event later.

Having my first son makes me want to learn more about parental knowledge. An event like Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 becomes very important because I can have some insightful sharing with the professional. Being able to enjoy some time on the weekend together with my little family is also the other reason why I want to join Popmama Parenting Academy 2019.

You surely have some expectations about the things you want to gain after joining Popmama Parenting Academy 2019. What are those expectations?

I want to have new friends who are also moms and have the same challenges as mine. Other than that, I expect to have more parental knowledge from the professionals invited to this event. As a Mama, I also understand that Kevin needs the ability to socialize with some friends of his age, so I want Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 to become the very first place where he learns. I consider this to be another present for his first birthday (last 26 September 2019) from us.

Happy birthday to your son! Anyway, you’ve just mentioned about the challenges you find in raising Kevin. So far, what challenges you have?

We don’t have an assistant to help anything in the household—it’s just my husband and mother-in-law that help. I lack of me-time and become busy to take care of everything. I need to eat quickly, take a bath speedily. I am restless, yet thankful for what I’ve got as Kevin now has started learning to walk on his own and his curiosity is great!

Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 is also for young couples who don’t have a child just yet. As a Mama who understands how it feels to wait, what contributions do you expect Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 can give to them?

I got married in 2016 and was pregnant in 2018. It was 2 years of waiting and not easy at all. Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 can share with us simply about how to calculate the fertile period, what kind of food and drink we can consume to support our fertility, and so on.  

For the last question, do you have anything to say to all the young couples who are still waiting for the baby?

Pray—that one should stand above all. Consult with an obstetrician so that you can discuss anything related to pregnancy. Be patient as what’s meant for you will come for you.

Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 which will be held on the next 11-13 October 2019 in The Forum Atrium, Summarecon Mall Serpong is the one-stop learning about all parental-stages as well as entertainment for Millennial Families by This multi-stakeholder approach will involve medical experts, psychologists, and parental professionals to share their knowledge and solution for each challenge.

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