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Timmys at IDEAFEST 2019: During Constant Changes, Work Ethic and Attitude are Keys

9 Oct 19 | 11:42

Amelia Rosary

Timmys at IDEAFEST 2019: During Constant Changes, Work Ethic and Attitude are Keys

IDEAFEST 2019, a place where everyone can keep themselves updated about what’s hype on the creative realm, has a sophisticated theme this year. It’s the “Age of Pride” that shows the rapid growth of the creative industry sub-sectors. The event was held on 3-6 October 2019 at Jakarta Conventional Center. Some Timmys—IDN Media employees—were lucky enough to have the opportunity to take part in IDEAFEST 2019 and share some insight from their respective fields.

On 5 October 2019, our COO, William Utomo, came as the moderator of “Building a Successful E-Sports Team” talk. The speakers for this talk were Andrian Pauline as the CEO of RRQ E-Sports, Hartman Harris as the CEO of EVOS E-Sports, and Chandra Wijaya as the Managing Director of ONIC E-Sports. IDN Media’s COO led the conversation into a discussion about the challenges they usually faced in E-Sports. They admitted that the most challenging one was how to sustain the athletes’ performance. Once they won a competition, they’d get a lot of money, so the work ethic usually would seem to disappear easily. Being asked by William about the requirements needed to be an esports athlete, the attitude, humility, and hunger to keep learning and practicing were the ones.

On the next day, Sylvia Sudradjat as the Head of IDN Creative, was invited as one of the speakers in “The Experience Economy” discussion. There was also Desy Bachir as the CMO of Samara Media & Entertainment. The talk highlighted more in the outcome created by conducting a creative event that eventually delivered an awesome experience. Sylvia stated, “IDN Media already has some massive annual events that have become the specialty of the company itself, such as Indonesia Millennial Summit and Beauty Fest Asia.” To support her statement, she continued, “To convince the next clients, you need to do the best in every event. If it gives your clients wonderful experiences, you boost your own reliability, and you make many other people believe that creating an event isn’t about marketing cost center anymore, but it’s profit center after all.”

Still, on the same day, IDN Media’s Head of Communications, Zefanya Deby, was accompanied by the Head of MRA Media Business, Iwet Ramadhan, and the Creative Advisor of Jakarta Fashion Week, Ai Syarif, in the “Media Transformers: Moving between Platforms” discussion which focused on media shifting. The three of them agreed that in this era, we couldn’t always see our competitors as rivals. We could consider them to be our collaborators that we could work with.  Zefanya explained her opinion that was in line with one of IDN Media’s values, “A media company is successful because of the support of other online platforms too. Basically, we all have the same vision: to positively and widely impact society. We’ve come to the era where being active and collaborative rather than competitive is all we need. It’s why we can’t keep considering them as our rivals as it’s more about how we adapt so that we can collaborate with them by making ourselves a multiplatform media company. That way, we can just be anywhere.”

Taking part in one of the most noteworthy events in the capital city is definitely a representation of our awareness of the constant changes in media. The changes will readily be overcome by our work ethic, attitude, and open mind as Millenials and Gen Z.

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