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One More Day: The Knowledge to be Revealed by the Speakers in Popmama Parenting Academy 2019

10 Oct 19 | 23:07

Amelia Rosary

One More Day: The Knowledge to be Revealed by the Speakers in Popmama Parenting Academy 2019

The 4 parental stages that has discovered, namely expecting parents, parents with babies, parents with toddlers, and parents with big kids have brought us to an understanding that each of them has its own probable issues. Wanting to become the one providing the solutions, we’d now like to let you see a glimpse of Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 that later will last for three days—from 11-13 October 2019 at The Forum Atrium, Summarecon Mall Serpong.

To begin with, let’s start with the first day, 11 October 2019. 

“Penentu Keberhasilan dan Kegagalan Program Bayi Tabung”: We’re going to have a discussion about the factors determining the success of IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) or a reproduction that works by making sperm fertilize an egg and helping the fertilized egg implant in the woman’s uterus. Dr. Tiara Kirana, Sp. And. and Louisse Scarlett as an influencer will help you out understand it better. 

“Tips dan Trik Memberikan MPASI pada Bayi”: You don’t have to worry anymore about complementary feeding in addition to breast milk. With the explanation from our child and family psychologist, Vera Itibiliana, S.Psi., the Founder of Mamanduy, Mahalinda Napitupulu, an entrepreneur mom, Vendryana, we’ll get to know the tips and tricks on how to make it simple on the first day.

“Stop Bullying dan Body-Shaming di Kalangan Anak”: Millennial parents should understand well that bullying and body shaming are undoubtedly problems. Departing from this point, the founder of Single Moms Indonesia, Maureen Hitipeuw, and personal growth psychologist, Kantiana Taslim, M.Ps., Psi., will let us know more deeply about it and how to make our children confident about themselves no matter what.

For the second day, 12 October 2019.

“Menyusun Perencanaan Keluarga dengan Matang”: On the second day, Thomas Chayadi, Sp. Og., Andina Narang as a politician and entrepreneur, and Paula Kristela as the Financial Consultant of WanaArtha Life will assist you in how to have a well-planned family while figuring out the ways to eventually make your pregnancy program work. 

“Keajaiban ASI untuk Tumbuh Kembang dan Kesehatan Bayi”: Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 also wants millennial parents to become more aware of the power of breastfeeding. Therefore, on the second day, we’re going to discuss how breastfeeding supports the growth and health of our children. The explanation is going to be conveyed by dr. Juliana, Sp.A. as pediatrics and Striwicessa Maringka Suhali as the founder of Spalosophy.

“Gaya Hidup Sehat, Jaminan Masa Depan Anak”: The awareness of a healthy lifestyle also has to be delivered in the early stage of life. Kafin Sulthan will come to the event not only to sing, but his mom will accompany him too in order to share some tips to have a healthy lifestyle and its positive futural effects.

On the third day, 13 October 2019.

“Memahami Perkembangan Janin yang Sehat”: On the third day, you’re going to learn with dr. Cepi Teguh, SpOG. and Cherly Juno as a singer and entrepreneur mom about healthy fetal development so that you can make sure if your baby is growing up healthily inside your tummy.

“Pentingnya Papa Mama Milenial Bonding dengan Anak”: Psychological bonding that parents and children need to have apparently should start in the early growth stage. Dessy Ilsanti M.Psi., Psi., Geraldo Oryza from Bapak Rangkul Community, and a parenting blogger and influencer named Namira Monda will help us understand the significance of the bonding itself. 


“Mama Anti Panik”: With dr. Mery Sulastri, Antik Arifani as a parenting content creator, and Monica Sulistiawati as a personal growth psychologist, we’re going to understand how to overcome panic attacks we may find in raising up our children that later will cause insecurity and anxiety in ourselves.

By giving you a bit of depiction of Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 rundown, we want to ensure every parent comes to the event and be more aware of the correct parental knowledge from then onwards.

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