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Goodbye, Palmerah, Thank You for the Memories!

15 Oct 19 | 14:21

Amelia Rosary

Goodbye, Palmerah, Thank You for the Memories!

October will be a memorable month for IDN Media because we're going to move to another "home" and have the celebration of IDN Media's 5th anniversary almost at the same time. It marks another milestone for IDN Media since after having packed all our stuff, on 15 October 2019, we had a modest farewell lunch at the front yard of the IDN Media Palmerah Creative Lab.

If we turn back the clock to when IDN Media wasn’t as massive as today, it is such an excitement to know that IDN Media is apparently growing this rapidly. It was only Winston (our CEO) and William (our COO) involved, but now we have more than 200 Timmys! It was only in EV Hive co-working space where they were operating all the simple systems, but we're now working comfortably in several offices around Indonesia and we're even moving to a more massive Creative Lab. As long as we're loyal to small things, the universe will consider you to be capable of something bigger than they are now. 

Within 5 years, we’ve made several leaps that can make IDN Media become way stronger with the help of all Timmys. The good old days, the uncountable pains and gains that we’ve been carrying along the way at our Palmerah Lab show us that patience isn’t just a virtue, it’s a pearl of wisdom turning our lives into an eventual elegant grace. Winston stated, “We’re moving soon to another ‘home’. We’ve made it—all of us, each of us. The reason why we’ve arrived at this very stage is because of every single one of you.”

Winston Utomo, the CEO of IDN Media: “We have a lot of sweet memories here for 2 years and 10 months. We’ve been through the ups and downs of IDN Media. We started with 20 people right in this office until we finally need a larger space to accommodate more than 200 Timmys. Enjoy this one last day, take pictures in every corner, be excited for what’s ahead of us.”

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