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Day 1 of #TT5 Celebration: We’ve Arrived in the Era of Inclusion

17 Oct 19 | 21:00

Amelia Rosary

Day 1 of #TT5 Celebration: We’ve Arrived in the Era of Inclusion

Last 17 October 2019, we had IDN Media’s 5th-anniversary celebration called #TT5 (Timmy Turns Five). IDN Media invited all Timmys from all across Indonesia to share the fun moment together. The first day of the celebration took place in IDN Media HQ.

In the celebration, Winston Utomo mentioned that the number of our audience, both online and offline, kept on increasing and reached up to 50 millions of monthly unique audience. We were also proud of having conducted some big events so far, such as Indonesia Millennial Summit, Beauty Fest Asia, Indonesia Writer Festival, and Popmama Parenting Academy. For 2020 ahead, Winston stated his hope, “We’d love to focus more on the development of mobile applications, the growth of our hyperlocals, and our involvement in film making as so far, we’ve become the executive producer of ‘Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini’ which will be in theatre in 2020.”

To make the hopes of IDN Media as a startup company happen, a good system was mentioned not to be the only thing making IDN Media successful since success couldn’t be defined by only one single factor. Apparently, work culture could also be another key to that state. Winston said, “You are the one defining the culture of IDN Media—not me or William. It depends on every single one of you since each Timmy is the one constructing IDN Media’s culture.”

By writing down our insecurities on small pieces of paper and posting them onto the wall, we were expected to be aware of other Timmys’ insecurities and so we could help each other out to face it. Therefore, we created #IAMINCLUDED as the specific theme we were concerned about the most. #IAMINCLUDED at work was believed to be something that made us feel more secure and supported. The hashtag should be all about the inclusion we had for every single one involved in IDN Media.

As the most awaited one, #TT5 was finally continued by a session with the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning, Bambang Brodjonegoro. He shared some insightful notions about Indonesia’s golden period in 2045. Since getting to the developed era of 2045 would be a long relay race, media companies, IDN  Media specifically, definitely should take part in the race to 2045.

Along with the excellent culture at work, in the 5th year of IDN Media, we also want to contribute to the development of the golden period of Indonesia in 2045 by ultimately becoming the voice of Millennials and Gen Z in the country through democratizing access to accurate, balanced, useful information and bringing positive impacts on the society.

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