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Remembering Sumpah Pemuda as a Millennial Parent

28 Oct 19 | 09:16

Amelia Rosary

Remembering Sumpah Pemuda as a Millennial Parent

Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia, once said, “A thousand old men are just able to dream, but a young man is able to change the world!” IDN Media as a media company that represents the voice of Millennials and Gen Z will get to know closer what every Timmy of IDN Media is able to do to give at least one single positive impact to other people as a young person. Today, to recall the spirit of Sumpah Pemuda, we’ll have a moment with Novy Agrina, the one we usually call Eghy, as one of the editors of

Sumpah Pemuda has different meanings for one person to another person. Eghy mentioned, "For me, Sumpah Pemuda is a remembrance of the power of young people. They are the ones determining the life culture of Indonesia." This Mama of one son emphasized that the relevant meaning of Sumpah Pemuda would be more about how we formed the future of Indonesia with the simple things we could do as a human being living in Indonesia.

When being asked about what she did to show her being proud of Indonesia, she said, "As a millennial, I'm proud of Indonesia when all people see Indonesia as a big country and it isn't an easy process to make it well-developed. Instead, it's a long and hard struggle. Not only for its area, Indonesia is big also for the differences within. I try to appreciate every different element I find in my daily basis of life: religions, body shapes, financial abilities."

Simply by becoming an Editor of, Eghy said that she could be useful for the country already. She stated, "I really care about the growth of children as the generations holding Indonesia's future. That's why my version of being useful for Indonesia is by sharing correct and accurate information about educating and nurturing our children." She recognized that media did affect our society a lot and by spreading beneficial parental information, it'd help parents to give the best for their children, including the way how to think critically and creatively. 

Getting the most hype issues from community discussions as well as from the experts, such as doctors and psychologists, Eghy mentioned the latest issue that most people were talking about nowadays was mama-shaming. "Most Mamas are blamed when our son hurts, for example. Somebody may say, 'You don't take care of your child properly!' Another one is when you come home for work, your mother-in-law is coming over and she finds out that your home is in such a mess. Well, this has to be seen by comprehending the whole context, no judgment in the first place."

On this Sumpah Pemuda day, becoming a smart young parent for our kids also helps Indonesia to be hopeful for its better state. Children are the key-holders of tomorrow, so instilling positive values in children since childhood is really important.  Therefore, wants to help parents convey the values in the right way so that the knowledge can be well-received by the children as well.

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