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Meet Timmy of the Month: Giving 101% Commitment in any Conditions

29 Oct 19 | 14:17

Amelia Rosary

Meet Timmy of the Month: Giving 101% Commitment in any Conditions

Sometimes life surprisingly turns around the way we don’t expect. Megadini Ayu Larasati (Mega), who has just been selected as the Timmy of the Month, had actually never wanted to become an editor until IDN Media recruited her to be one. We will now have some time to get to know her closer.

Hi, Mega, kudos for being selected as one of the Timmys of the Month! First of all, let’s start with your role at IDN Media.

I’m an editor at and I specifically handle the Dating and Relationship content. I started as a contributor on April 2016, but IDN Media determined to make me be one of its full-time employees two months later.

Are you passionate about your own role and why?

To be honest, after graduating from my university, I never expected to be a journalist or writer so I didn’t start my career by enrolling myself to be a writer. However, as time went by, I got to know IDN Media and found out that becoming a writer there apparently felt so right to me since the pressure wasn’t very intense like what I had thought it would be. Moreover, being a writer who gives information helps me be a useful person for others the way I always want myself to be.

With what you do, why do you claim yourself to be helpful for the people around you and the company?

I don’t claim myself to be useful, but I try to be useful simply by giving information about certain issues like gender equality, for example. I assess my success with, of course, my own standards, such as their feedbacks on the comment columns and how many times my articles have been shared. 

What is your pole star or guideline to undergo your own life?

I am here because I need to be useful for the people around me. 

In practicing the pole star, there must be problems. 

How do you usually tackle them down?

I will always take some moment of silence to think over everything that has happened. I don’t take action immediately. I’ll think of both the positive as well as negative sides if I take one certain step, then I’ll communicate with other people that may be involved.


What are the most exciting things that make you grateful for, especially as a part of IDN Media. Can you explain why?

IDN Media has been the very first startup company where I’ve worked at. I’m head over heels in love with the culture, really. No seniority, even almost all Timmys are close to the CEO, Winston Utomo. Work-hour is flexible—before marriage, I used to go home at 07:00 or 08:00 PM, but after marriage, all my friends will understand if I get back home earlier than usual.  That we have Timmyness is another good thing for me too because it supervises all of us to keep on doing the right positive things.

You must have something bigger in your mind about what you want to be in the future. What do you dream of?

I’ve started making a blog about spa. I like spa basically and in the next five years, I’m going to professionally focus on discussing spa seen through a deeper perspective. If others observe it through beauty perspectives, I’ll focus more on how it affects the condition of those who suffer mental illness, for example. 

As a Timmy of the Month, what's your advice for those who want to be an editor, so they can give their best to become what they want?

Start writing and put attention to detail. Because becoming an editor means that we’ll mostly deal with publication, start learning that you have to be responsible for whatever you’ve poured down into the paper and that no matter what you write, it needs to have positive values.

Last but not least, What do you do to keep being happy while working in a fast-paced company?

I should be wise about time management because I have two poles of life now: my family and my career. Being happy with whom we work is also one of the things that can support us at our workplace. Never forget me-time! No matter how much I love the job, I need to enjoy some precious time of my own anyway.

Through the ups and downs of the team's performance, Mega always gives her 101% commitment in any conditions. That's exactly what Mega does to help's success so that it finally is successful to record a high mark on MAU last September.

Timmy of the Month is a reward for Timmys who embrace Timmyness fully, take extra miles in doing their job, spread positivity (yes, it's all about positive vibe), and have a very high standard of integrity.


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