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#MEETTIMMY, Alvita Irina Wibowo: IDN Media is Where I Landed My First Job

31 Oct 19 | 09:54

Amelia Rosary

#MEETTIMMY, Alvita Irina Wibowo: IDN Media is Where I Landed My First Job

In the middle of our full days, it's now the right time for us to make everything easier. Reading #MEETTIMMY at our light blog article can be fun too! This article will tell you about the fun things that a Timmy experiences for working at IDN Media. For you who are interested in becoming a part of us, this may be a little interesting sneak-peek at what's behind IDN Media.

This time, we have Alvita Irina Wibowo as the Social Media Specialist of IDN Media. Alvita, who formerly had taken Communications Science during her college life, apparently joined IDN Media since 17 July 2017. This 24-year-old Timmy considered IDN Media to be something like a playground, "Everyday feels like playing! Well, that's just a metaphorical expression, but it portrays the excitement that I feel for working at IDN Media—it’s very fun! I also have great friends at the same time," she stated. 

Since being the Social Media Specialist of IDN Media was her first job after graduating from her university, she couldn't say much about the differences she might undergo in the previous and current companies. However, she mentioned that many of her friends told her how grateful she should be to luckily have started her career at IDN Media. “It’s true! I thought this was what God had wanted me to do as the first step of my career. It turned out the way I expected! I’m glad to be here because I learn a lot—I’m grateful,” Alvita admitted.

Being visionary, this Netflix fan tried to see herself in the next ten years, “Because I always keep on feeding my overdosed appetite on art or photography, I want to be a mompreneur who does a lot of traveling. Other than that, I’m also into interior design as well, that’s why if I weren’t a Social Media Specialist, I’d be an Interior Designer.” Surprisingly, not only visual hobbies did she have, but she also considered herself to be quite old-fashioned because she still wrote in a diary a lot—she loved pouring down what on her mind was, and there was nothing old-fashioned about writing. Take it easy, Alvita!

At last, Alvita, our Timmy, reminded us as millennials that 2020 would just be some months ahead. She emphasized, “Know what you want to actualize. You’re the one understanding the goals of yours that haven’t been fulfilled. Make a plan and execute it.” 


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