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The Scattered Histories and Eerie Tellings, Bayu and Doel: “We are Never Unreal!”

31 Oct 19 | 10:33

Amelia Rosary

The Scattered Histories and Eerie Tellings, Bayu and Doel: “We are Never Unreal!”


Hosted by 2 hosts, Bayu and Doel, PM:AM is one of the segments in IDN Times YouTube channel that reveals places known for their paranormal activities. As it has different objectives from the rest of other horror programs, PM:AM gains a lot of subscribers in a rather short time. On this Halloween 2019, we’re going to have what Bayu and Doel say about the program they’ve been hosting.

Hi, Bayu and Doel! As the very first question, why do you claim PM:AM to be different from any other horror shows?

The thing that differs PM:AM from other horror programs is that we provide everything completely, by observations, experiences, and these all are mixed with comedies. Bayu usually tends to bring the serious atmosphere, while I will be the one joking around. To let you know, the spot is chosen based on its ability in providing historical sides as well. Then, the team not only uncovers the history behind each place but also tells the suitability of the facts, makes sure if the supernatural events match the pieces of evidence found there. 

Does it have any aims for its audience?

We want to educate as well as entertain our audiences. We really conduct observations, both online and offline, to make sure the information we get is always valid. There are surely benefits when we can get the history of a certain place in our own country. 

Why do people still need to watch PM:AM?

This is actually the other objective of PM:AM. We also want people to shift their perspective that horror contents aren’t always fully terrifying. It isn’t merely about getting possessed, shouting. Here in PM:AM, we want them to be able to be entertained by the funny elements as well. 

Why should people believe that PM:AM is real?

To complete the content, we use several methods, such as online research, interviews with the people around the spot, and their personal experiences. All we get is what we deliver; we don’t want to spice it up. There are no precise shreds of evidence, unfortunately, but we invite those who doubt us to join us during the process of creating the video. 

We dare you to feel how things are going there.

What are the proofs?

It’s very simple. In session 3, episode 7 entitled "Kesurupan Lagi, Kucuran Darah, dan Injak Mayat di Gua Jepang!" (,

 for example. Bayu was not the type of person who could act, do you not think so? However, in that very episode, he could speak in Japanese very fluently. In another session, he even spoke in Dutch. 

From their own experiences, many ordinary people like Bayu contradict the scientific explanation saying that spirits don’t exist. A lot of spooky stories behind many historical spots in Indonesia echo the past. We wrap the two aspects with comedy and they become the magical forces of PM:AM itself.

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