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Having Sixth Sense, This is a True Tale of Goosebumps with Bayu PM:AM!

31 Oct 19 | 11:47

Amelia Rosary

Having Sixth Sense, This is a True Tale of Goosebumps with Bayu PM:AM!

People are always interested in mystery and horror, especially in the last days of October. If you really want to bring out your dark side in this Halloween, there's no better way other than reading what’s behind PM:AM, an exclusive program that uncovers the facts of places having many paranormal stories. Bayu, as one of the hosts of PM:AM, has the ability to feel what’s unseen and unheard.

Bayu, it seems everyone has understood that you have that sixth sense. Is it correct?

Yes, it is correct. PM:AM also makes more people know that I have that gift.

Since when have you had it?

To be honest, I can’t exactly remember when, but it’s been a long time ago since I was a child. 

How did you first realize that you had it?

I knew there were things I shouldn’t have recognized, but I did recognize their presence. It wasn’t too intense when I still stayed in one room with my parents, but since I had my own room at the 4th grade of elementary school back then, I knew they were really there—close to me! 

What did you see?

It was a tall female figure with long hair and red eyes. I know, this perhaps sounds to be very pretending, but it was what it was. I was shocked, jumped out of my bed right away, and knocked on my parents’ door while crying.


How do you feel about having that sixth sense?

I was very afraid of the things I saw, I can’t even tell you how I felt at that time—it was awful! I usually shouted out loud or suddenly cried because I was too scared so that all my friends would stay away from me because they thought I was a freak. I had a few friends only. Now, I’ve started being accustomed to it, I won’t freak out when I see “things”. Better keep silent and pretend that I don’t see them because if not, they’ll know I have that ability and so will start disturbing me. 

What’s the experience that you remember the most?

My parents and my grandmother didn’t really believe me when I told them I could see “things”. Until one day, there was an old woman coming to me. She told me a story about the misunderstanding between my mom and grandma. My mom had used to join a vocal group and as long as she knew, my grandma never liked it and so never came to see her performance. They didn’t get along well ever since. It turned out that my grandma actually came by to see my mom’s performance several times without my mom’s knowing. The old woman told me, “Tell them this: mother and daughter should be kind to each other.” I told my mom and grandma about it and they were surprised! The story that the old woman was true and after a long talk with them, the old woman apparently was my great-grandma. Well, I don’t know if she was just a figure that resembled my great grandmother or not, I’m just telling you what I saw.

What else can you see and is what you see always accurate?

Aura, a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a certain source. The color is abstract and it doesn’t vividly show one precise color—it’s like a combination of some colors. By sensing it, I can define what he or she is feeling. Well, I’m not sure how, but I just can. Other than that, I can have some portrayal of flashback at the right time and occasion. I mean, it isn’t every time since it’s out of my control. If you mention about accuracy, I can’t guarantee if it’s 100% accurate because I believe that it’s usually been the task of the demons to make a twist of a story. Therefore, in terms of PM:AM, we need to conduct another research about, let’s say, the “vision” that I get.

For Bayu, a sixth sense is like what Pattie Maes, a professor in Media Arts and Sciences, thinks of. It’s a sense that would give us seamless access to meta-information or information that may exist somewhere and be relevant to help us make the right decision about whatever it is that we’re coming across


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