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PM:AM from the Other Pole: Bayu’s Possession!

31 Oct 19 | 11:31

Amelia Rosary

PM:AM from the Other Pole: Bayu’s Possession!

Welcoming Halloween 2019, we’re inviting you to get to know one of our Timmys who is the other host of PM:AM on IDN Times YouTube channel. We’ve talked to Bayu previously, now we’ll have Doel. If Bayu brings up that kind of eerie atmosphere, Doel is extremely on the other side. Delivering a program that combines something funny and scary at the same time, we’ll reveal what Doel has felt after all this time working for PM:AM with Bayu.

Doel, thanks for your time! We see that you and Bayu are really different from each other. How did you guys first meet?

I had worked at the Jakarta office before I moved to Surabaya. I first met him there, but didn’t know him well because he was kind of an introvert. My friends let me know that he had the ability to see what’s unseen, so they advised me to invite Bayu to join me in making PM:AM program. They believed the scary atmosphere would be very vivid. At first, I had intended to have an audition and preferred a female partner rather than the male one. I thought a girl would be more selling, but being with Bayu, there’s no problem at all so far. Our subscribers even keep on boosting!

How do you feel to be friends with Bayu who gets possessed quite often?

To be frank, seen from the traffic perspective, the incident is very attractive and selling, but I really put my sympathy on him because he gets possessed very often. That must be super tiring! I honestly am a coward, indeed, so staying in the same room with Bayu sometimes makes me terrified. I’m afraid if in the middle of the night, he gets possessed. I will not know what to do, of course. Should I run? Demons don’t have to run to catch me! Should I help? I am not a shaman (a person who is thought to have special powers to control good and evil spirits). This is just too exaggerating, I know, but it’s just what I really feel.


In PM:AM, what are the terrifying experiences you can remember?

We’ve had 47 episodes so far and the most terrifying one was when I first knew that scary things really existed—communicating with something that we couldn’t see, describing how that something looked like. Bayu once described that there were other entities that were stuck in an obsolete train without any ventilation in Session 3, Episode 4 entitled “Gedung Juang 45 Surabaya” ( Their bodies melted because of the excessive heat within. That was insane—I got goosebumps!

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