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IDN Media HQ Open House Day 5: A Leader Should be the One Giving Comfort

2 Nov 19 | 10:34

Amelia Rosary

IDN Media HQ Open House Day 5: A Leader Should be the One Giving Comfort

On the 1st day of November 2019, IDN Media was holding the last day of its Open House. Inviting someone other inspiring speakers, such as Umesh Phadke (Chief Executive Officer of L’Oreal Indonesia), Ricky Afrianto (Global Marketing Director of Mayora), and Salman Subakat (Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Technology and Information). We’d find out what insights that these professionals had shared with us.

As the first person to start, Umesh Phadke as the Chief Executive Officer of L’Oreal Indonesia explained us briefly about L’Oreal’s product knowledge and company profile. L’Oreal believed in the watchword: “Beauty for all” which meant women with all definitions of beauty deserved the best quality of cosmetics. There were 4 things that L’Oreal held strongly, namely becoming a beauty tech company, a great place to work, keeping our commitment, as well as conducting researches and innovations. “A beauty tech creates an augmented reality tech for our beauty brand—our customers can choose a certain shade of lipstick on this application and it will appear on the camera and show how their lips are going to look like with the shade selected. A great place to work means inclusion for every single one involved in the company—we’re open to new ideas and we provide a place with mentors supervising it. Our commitment is to keep ourselves sustainable by following the preference of the market we target. The last  one, conducting researches and innovations to show our responsibility for the quality not only of our products but also of the teamwork that would include the company's ethics: respect, courage, transparency, and integrity."


Continued by Ricky Afrianto as the Global Marketing Director of Mayora, the talk began with the story of the company's capability of exporting goods to other countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. There were 4 important points that Mayora remembered. Ricky said, "We make winning 3P as our guideline. They are people, products, and processes. People—recruitment is the most important process because internal talents create our future leaders. Product—we only launch the products we are proud of, so we're sure every product is the best we can give. Process—it's more about Mayora's marketing strategies, distribution system, and the involvement in the global supply chain. To make them all go in rhythm, we need good leadership and the formula is F x L x C. Fun—as we learn from startups, maintaining a fun atmosphere is very important so that employees can work more peacefully and productively. Learning—by learning anything we can, we'll drive the company into the next stage of the journey. Contribution—providing a place for the employees to pour down and develop the ideas on their mind will let the management know how they are dedicated to their own job!" Ricky admitted that other conventional companies also needed to learn from startups because they were very fast to plan and execute a certain project—somehow it made a company grow even faster. 


After Mayora, Salman Subakat as the Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Technology and Information went on with the talk. He highlighted how the company encouraged every woman in Indonesia to show their kind of beauty. Since beauty standards were created by the society, he said, "IDN Media has helped a lot in terms of redefining beauty, really. Organizing Beauty Fest Asia, for example, had made many people aware of local pride, especially of local cosmetic brands such as Wardah, Emina, and Make Over. Plus, they believe in their own versions of beauty so that they appreciate themselves even  more." In line with our vision, to redefine beauty, Paragon Technology and Information wanted every woman, especially the ones in Indonesia, to be proud of their own beauty. It wasn't about the beauty standards in Korea or the U.S., it was you being you. 

Today, we had an interesting topic to discuss since self-insecurities had been an issue lately. It was why a good leader, according to the representatives of the companies that came today, was the one providing a comfortable place for the employees to work, share their ideas, and believe in their own capability and beauty.


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