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Recognize the Local One from Jawa Tengah with IDN Times Jateng

4 Nov 19 | 12:00

Amelia Rosary

Recognize the Local One from Jawa Tengah with IDN Times Jateng

Even though IDN Times Jateng has been launched some time ago as one of the programs of #HYPERLOCAL IDN Times, most of us probably still wonder what’s the meaning of the #HYPERLOCAL itself. This kind of journalism refers to coverage of local-scale events. In addition to being evenly distributed throughout Indonesia, the news is not only about the political or economic conditions in the area but also about the local wealth.

Other than presenting the recent issues from Central Java, IDN Times Jateng also attempts to share with all of us the strong traditions in the region which are surely interesting and unique. IDN Times realizes that there are still many people who aren’t familiar with what traditions we can find there. Departing from this, #HYPERLOCAL IDN Times Jateng comes to be our remembrance that culture, of Central Java in this context, is one of Indonesia’s characteristics and it’s something we must protect. 

In addition, when we look at it through recreational perspectives, who knows that in the near future, some of us will visit a city in Central Java and don't know which tourist destination we will go to? IDN Times Jateng is here to help you find the most right and beautiful recreational spots while introducing Central Java as one of the most attractive tourist destinations. 

Highlighting our local heroes through #HYPERLOCAL is what IDN Times does as well to make us become more proud of our own achievements. We can find many articles about great innovations and discoveries from our brilliant young people across Indonesia, especially Central Java. For example, we have these students from Magelang who have succeeded in turning peanut shells into prebiotics.

As we understand, the area of Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia is less than 1% of the total area of the archipelago. However, 90% of the news coverage only covers the Jakarta area. It becomes the reason why we bring #HYPERLOCAL to IDN Times so that all information that all people throughout Indonesia get is always localized and relatable.


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