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Students Invited: Why IDN Media HQ is the Place for Millennials to Work

7 Nov 19 | 13:53

Amelia Rosary

Students Invited: Why IDN Media HQ is the Place for Millennials to Work

IDN Media HQ just held the Open House last week from 28 October until 1 November 2019. Inviting speakers from various sectors of business and students from diverse universities, on the last day, we decided to have a moment with some of the students so that we know their opinions about what we had in IDN Media HQ Open House. 

On the last day, November 1, 2019, we had 3 students from STT-PLN in order to share what they got in IDN Media HQ Open House. These 3 students named Cut Nurul (Nurul), Rizky Audy (Audy), and Siti Aisyah (Aisyah) mentioned that they were interested in Informatics Engineering since they believed that most companies, whatever sectors, would always need professionals in the field of technology and informatics. Wanting to be a self-employed person, Nurul stated her opinion about IDN Media and the Open House event, “IDN Media, I believe, is going to be one of the most-wanted workplace. IDN Media HQ is really comfortable with a lot of facilities. The people are very friendly too—perhaps it’s because most of the workers are millennials. This Open House is also very useful to enlarge our point of view about the true meaning of leadership.” 

Other than the comfort that IDN Media HQ could give, the perks and benefits of working at IDN Media were specially designed to keep each Timmy happy physically, emotionally, and financially. The just-be-yourself culture, for example, would let us be the truest version of ourselves in the company. Audy spoke up when he was asked about this, “That kind of culture is definitely important. In most cases, too many regulations will just make the employees end up being unproductive—they’re not resulting in any creative ideas or initiatives because they’re reluctant and even afraid of their superiors sometimes. We do understand that bright ideas will only come in a conducive situation and mood. With the melting pot in IDN Media HQ, it’s very possible that all Timmys can blend in so that the gap between one role and the other one isn’t so distant. Therefore, it isn’t impossible to work while having fun with other Timmys.”

As the new milestone of IDN Media, IDN Media HQ hopefully could be a place for the company to flap its wings to become more successful. Aisyah, the third student conveyed her expectation about IDN Media, “Usually, to attract the interest of Millennials and Gen Z is never easy. However, they are going to always notice if IDN Media doesn’t stop creating many other various offline events or maybe festivals. That way, I believe IDN Media will keep on surviving because by conducting that kind of event, the audience is also embraced and included—it’s a two-way communication."


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