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#MEETTIMMY, Rully Bunga Lestari: We Need to Take It Easy

8 Nov 19 | 10:55

Amelia Rosary

#MEETTIMMY, Rully Bunga Lestari: We Need to Take It Easy

It’s been another week in the 11th month of the year. IDN Media has always wanted to appreciate each Timmy by posting a brief profile of him or her as a professional as well as personal self. On this #MEETTIMMY, we are going to get to know Rully Bunga Lestari as the Creative Writer of IDN Media better. 

This first of two children was a graduate from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. Right after she graduated from the university, IDN Media became the very first place where she settled her job. “IDN Media is such a nice and fun place to work—it feels like home! Perhaps, almost all Timmys feel exactly the same way as I do, but it is what it is,” she said. 

This visionary Timmy, whose hobby is chilling and watching Netflix, was the one initiating the idea of Timmy exchange—a program enabling the Timmys from the Surabaya office to enjoy several days in the Jakarta office, vice versa. She also added, “I see myself in the next ten years as an entrepreneur. I can’t really figure out yet what kind of entrepreneur, but I just know it’s coming.”

Going through the busy days at work, Rully understood that everyone had a priority. When she was asked about hers, she boldly stated, "Of course my family is my number one priority. I know when we're hitting the 25-year-old period or above, we don't have to set an alarm since our problems will wake us up by force. However, I know my family has always been the only real treasure that stays there all along when I need them. Therefore, I had to stand for them, be brave for them, no matter what."

Having a youthful and happy heart, for Rully, made it all easier to live her life. In addition, since she had a guideline to always be thankful, she wanted to keep reminding herself that no matter how busy she could be, if she took it easily, every challenge she might face could be eventually overcome. Nothing in life had to be taken too seriously.


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