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The Horseshoe and Vertical Dash in’s Logo

13 Nov 19 | 14:00

Amelia Rosary

The Horseshoe and Vertical Dash in’s Logo

There’s always a philosophical meaning behind something. A logo of one certain brand, for example, must be a portrayal of something bigger than it is. Seeing the logo of, a geek culture platform acquired and launched last 6 September 2019 by IDN Media, many do wonder if the color or the font must be the representation of something else. On this opportunity, we’d like to reveal what is actually behind it.

Who is the one creating the Duniaku logo design? She’s Deby Amaliasari. Formerly, this Timmy worked at IDN Media as an intern, but after she graduated from her university, she joined IDN Media as a full-time staff. During her busy day, she made some time to explain to us the meaning behind the logo she made. 

“Let’s start from the first alphabet, ‘D’. The ‘D’ consists of a circle and a vertical dash. The circle is shaped like a horseshoe facing its vertical dash which means that Duniaku is now part of IDN Media. The color of the vertical dash, which looks like ‘I’ itself, is red—the color of IDN Media. While for the horseshoe, there are 5 colors representing the categories in green for anime, blue for film, black for tech, purple for game, and pink for geek. The combination of the two, as we can see, creates a form of ‘D’. 

“The font is not static as we can see. It has a rounded structure. Other than to harmonize the logo as a whole, it is also to create a dynamic impression and to make it look minimalist and modern at the same time. Simplicity and minimalism are very hype lately, that’s why we want our logo to be like that,” she stated clearly.

After the acquisition of by IDN Media, the platform’s name has changed its name into We want both companies to merge into one, even on its logo collaboratively.


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