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13 Nov 19 | 15:26

Amelia Rosary to Stronger Solidarity and Larger Work Scope was once until it finally was acquired by IDN Media. In itself, we have Timmys who were parts of We, then, find it interesting to get to know one of them better.

Here, we have Adhitya Daniel, the Creative Writer of After acquired by IDN Media, he surely has felt some positive changes after the transitional period. “The first change is the work scope. It has become bigger and bigger all the time as IDN Media has a large audience. Other than that, we focus on the live broadcast and our editorial team will play games on console, PC, or mobile. It now becomes popular in our demographics in,” he said. Plus, both companies are very collaborative with each other that it makes the transitional employees find it easy to adapt.

Being asked about his opinion regarding the acquisition, Daniel explained, “It’s going to be worth it because is able to embrace Millennials and Gen Z in what’s most relevant to them now and in the future: Pop Culture.” In essence, wants to be the one understanding Millennials and Gen Z as much as IDN Media wants to, especially in terms of geek culture like One Piece and Boruto, Naruto sequel, which are always very hype.

As a millennial working at a company that now has a wider scope of influence and stronger solidarity, Daniel admitted that he naturally had become more passionate about contributing to the development of the Pop Culture generation.


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