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Timmy on International Tolerance Day: Vibrant-Rich Country Enabled Us to Learn More

16 Nov 19 | 13:00

Amelia Rosary

Timmy on International Tolerance Day: Vibrant-Rich Country Enabled Us to Learn More

On 16 November 2019, we celebrate International Tolerance Day, a momentum that is supposed to make us become more aware of the existence of differences around us. To appreciate what we have today, there is this one Timmy named Fakhrur Razi as the Digital Ads Associate who will be sharing with us about his simple thought related to tolerance in his working place. 

This Timmy said that being tolerant was something priceless that we would really need to lift up as always. Without tolerance, we couldn't live harmoniously in this world full of colors. Razi mentioned, "Being tolerant doesn't simply means accepting differences. It's about embracing every difference." 

According to him, appreciating diversities could start from understanding and recognizing that each individual was meant to be unique. "We're unique not only because we have various beliefs, races, ethnics. It is way more than that; we have plenty of different perspectives, political preferences, characters, body shapes, sexual orientations, and many more," he boldly stated. It was all about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions that each individual had.

Razi took IDN Media as one of the places where he could regularly find diversities. He told us, "In almost all places where we do our daily activities, such as studying, shopping, and working, we will absolutely recognize many differences. IDN Media, for example, has Timmys with various religions, ethnics, personalities, perspectives, ideas, etc. If you discuss something with a person whose notion is different from you, that's a good sign as you can learn how to manage your ego and get a new opinion or insight from somebody else!"

Razi said that enjoying the dynamic vibe of living in this vibrant-rich country, Indonesia, would actually always enable us to have broader comprehension of appreciation and tolerance. These two points were commonly seen to be the keys to obtain a peaceful place for humans to stay. Happy International Day of Tolerance 2019!

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