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Students Nowadays: Proactive in Reaching Their Goals and Aware of Their Responsibilities

17 Nov 19 | 09:19

Amelia Rosary

Students Nowadays: Proactive in Reaching Their Goals and Aware of Their Responsibilities

Last week on 14 November 2019, we were visited by some Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana students. Making some time to appreciate Students' Day on 17 November 2019, these students from Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana will be delivering their stories and insights about being students.

On this chance, Yustinus Septena Dharmawan and Yokanan Febri Setiawan would be the representatives of the rest of the team whom we talked to. Yustinus told us, "We come from the Communications Major. Specifically, we take broadcasting as our focus." Since they'd be facing a real working world soon, they conducted a media visit at IDN Media which they personally considered to be a fast-growing new media company where most of the workers were millennials. 

Admitting that the lecturers involved them in the discussion of selecting one media company they were about to visit, Yokanan said, "Well, it's one of the things we need: involvement. Even though we are just students, our lecturers want to always hear our opinions and ideas. They believe we can make our own decision already—we're, in a way, 'labeled' positively so that we can act wisely." They decided that IDN Media, as a multi-platform media company, was the one they would visit since they basically wanted to focus more on digital convergence topic. 

Asked about the dream job they had as students of Communications Major at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Yustinus and Yokanan let us know that they preferred working at a digital media company. "I believe most students nowadays are very critical and visionary: we know what we want to be and have started seeking for detailed information related to it. Lately, I've been following the 1000-startup digital movement and I've found out that the differences lay only on the market segments, basically," Yustinus stated clearly.

Their visit coincided with the presence of Tantowi Yahya (Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand) and Siti Ruhaini (Presidential Special Staff). These students from Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana were very attentive to the talk-show related to harmony in the middle of terrorism and radicalism threats. "That's what young people, especially students, also prefer. We want something up-to-date and relevant. Having an in-depth discussion about a quite sensitive issue like this is very cool—it's very millennial!" said Yokana. Open-minded and modern students, he conveyed, always wanted to know the next steps they had got to do in order to be able to embrace the diversities in Indonesia. 


17 November had been marked as the International Day of Students. Based on the small talk IDN Media had with the students, it could be concluded that they wanted to be the best part of them by being proactive in reaching their goals and being aware of their responsibilities as students and children. Happy Students' Day 2019! 

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