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Women's Entrepreneurship Day: Men and Women on a Spectrum

19 Nov 19 | 21:27

Amelia Rosary

Women's Entrepreneurship Day: Men and Women on a Spectrum

Having heard about what the two female Timmys at IDN Media have said about their businesses and achievements as entrepreneurs, we are curious about what the male ones are going to say about these women’s being independent. We used to hear some traditional common senses related to women who were working, but we'll find out what these guys are thinking right here right now.

Aulia Amri as IDN Media's Social Media Associate: "I'm proud, I'm really proud! Who doesn't need an independent woman nowadays? It’s good for them that they're now provided with a 'platform' as a place where they can show their capability of doing great things to the world. There's really no way if I, as a man, envy those independent, successful women. That will be conservatively traditional, really! We now understand the concept of gender equality. Considering them to be a stimulation to reach our standards is a positive thing to do. If we talk more specifically—in relationships, let's say, I do apply gender equality. By knowing what women usually do, vice-versa, we can help each other even in a simple role. Men can wash dishes, women can wash a car in return, for example. What an interesting thing, girls, you go—nothing will stop you now!”
Erwin Panjaitan as IDN Media's Business Development Manager: "That kind of girl who is independent and knows what to do is really what most guys will want today. Not because they're rich, but because they're critical executors—they think before doing something which results in something astonishing! Guys who are ashamed of themselves because their girls are more proactive and brilliant aren't wrong as well—this is just our nature as a human being. Therefore, we'll just need to balance what these women have out. Because I understand what most women will want, I even recommend my wife to have a business of her own so that she can cope up with her nature to nurture her child all along while making money. Well, it's just a recommendation, after all, I don't want to push her either. Be as strong as sapphire, ladies, no one can let you down!"

There comes a time when we all perceive gender on a spectrum, not as two opposing poles of ideas. Female entrepreneurs are never better, wiser, smarter than male workers, but are also never less. That's how equality stands side by side: both men and women are humans, they can be whatever they want, they empower one another.

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