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Meet Timmy of the Month: Lose an Hour in the Morning and You Will be All Day Hunting for It

20 Nov 19 | 22:00

Amelia Rosary

Meet Timmy of the Month: Lose an Hour in the Morning and You Will be All Day Hunting for It

Another month almost ends. IDN Media, of course, has selected two Timmys of the Month: Vina Destia Saputri (Putri) and Arifina Budi Aswati (Arifina or Upik). In this very first article, let's have a light talk with one of them, namely Putri. As an Executive Assistant of our CEO, Winston Utomo, she is also sincerely helpful for her colleagues for the benefit of the group. She also gives us a sneak peek about how Winston treats her and other Timmys in general!

Congratulations, Putri, for being chosen as one of the Timmys of the Month! Firstly, let us know what is your role at IDN Media?

As an Executive Assistant, I do arrange petty cash reports, Winston’s schedules and business trips, office operations, etc. To be frank, I’m lucky enough to have Winston as my user since he is very flexible—he even helps me with some things I find to be complicated. 

Are you really passionate about your own role and why?

I am definitely passionate about what I do. Honestly, my education background isn’t in line with what I’m doing. I took communications as my major actually, but I started my career as a secretary and now I end up loving what I do! I’m the type of person who likes well-organized and well-planned stuff. It’s what I find in my characters as a human as well.

What have you done to let people know that you intend to be helpful for them?

I have no idea, I’m just trying. I feel there are many other Timmys who contribute more to the company than I do. However, if I have to mention, well, it’s nothing, really, but getting involved in the IDN Media HQ renovation increases my sense of belonging for this new office of ours.

What do you believe to be your life guidelines?

As long as we are kind to others, do what we do passionately, I always believe that kindness and positivity are getting back to us, no matter what the pressures may be.

In practicing the guidelines, there must be problems. How do you usually overcome them?

I always do my best before quitting. Let it be, accept it, focus on the positive sides, and take it easy. That way works well for me personally.

Having been in IDN Media for some months already, there must be things you're grateful for, especially as a part of IDN Media. What are they?

I am beyond grateful because I can be who I really am for these 6 months. Winston, my user, even becomes a very inspiring figure for me. He lets me know not only how to manage myself in terms of emotion but also how to serve other people without having to pay attention to their backgrounds. It’s really exquisite!

What is that dream of yours in the near future?

I want to be a full-time mama for my son. He’s now in the second grade of elementary school and I frankly feel guilty and regretful for not being there for him. Since I’m a mama who doubles as an employee right now, I’m, again, thankful because I have a user who is very understanding and flexible. This is an honest statement, really, but when my son’s school conducted any activities that required the presence of the parents, Winston asked me to be there for my son, instead of insisting upon my attendance at work. 

As a Timmy, what messages do you want to convey to those who also want to be part of IDN Media?

Be yourself, get rid of any mask that you may be wearing, be appreciative of others. Always remember that working with somebody else will never be able to satisfy your soul fully. There must be some people who may not like you because of some things that don’t make any sense for you. However, just focus on what you want to do and reach, enjoy it, and think positively. Prejudices will just lead us into negativity.

Last but not least, what do you do to keep being happy while working in a fast-paced company?

Be happy for whatever it is since it's creating more positive vibes. Never feel that you're the only one suffering since there are still a lot of people out there who are way worse than you are, so be grateful as well.

Timmy of the Month is a reward for Timmys who embrace Timmyness fully, take extra miles in doing their job, spread positivity (yes, it's all about positive vibe), and have a very high standard of integrity.

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