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Two Meaningful Spots in IDN Media Surabaya: Talks and A Remembrance

23 Nov 19 | 21:00

Amelia Rosary

Two Meaningful Spots in IDN Media Surabaya: Talks and A Remembrance

Special for today, we'll just talk about something light to refresh our minds. What about our office at Surabaya? Apparently, the city is daily hot with 34°C on average! Some even mention it's way hotter than Jakarta, indeed. However, who knows that Surabaya Timmys turn out to be into the rooftop of IDN Media's first office? 

Blithe /blaɪθ/ in literary meaning equals to being happy and having no worries. Yes, celebrating life with a cup of coffee when the sun finally touches the skyline at the end of the day is the reason why they gather in that spot and feel so blithe—of course, it isn’t at the midday. It seems to be the right moment to laugh about the day we're going through—every success, every failure. Well, puffing up cigarettes is an additional spice depicting the joy of being in life with all these people at IDN Media. Dewi Rahayu as an Editor stated, “Talking while enjoying coffee is a very simple thing that we do, but as long as you understand that each day isn't coming regularly, that each day is specially presented to you, there's no reason for you not to live at the moment and be grateful."

Not to forget, the wall with the "Diversity is Beautiful" inscription at the side of the Surabaya building is also another center of attention. Bayu Seto considered it as the sunbeam representing our most valuable guideline, this place is another place that all Timmys come to when they want to post any memorable Instagram feeds. However, most importantly, this wall also aims to be a remembrance of the diversities existing around us—that appreciation and inclusion are always the requirements to live in IDN Media.

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