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The National Teachers' Day: One in a Metaphorical Way from Our Interns

25 Nov 19 | 17:31

Amelia Rosary

The National Teachers' Day: One in a Metaphorical Way from Our Interns

First question, how many years had we been going to school? 10 years, 15 years, whatever. Second, how did a teacher mean to us? It wasn't so much. Oh, we were probably just not taking a moment of silence to reflect on the facts of how helpful, meritorious they had been for us, students. 

However, if we were to talk about teachers, we'd better hold on. We knew that we got to keep our manner in order to show our respect to them—being attitudinal and attentive. What else? Ah, but there was once a saying: "Experience is the best teacher". Usually, no companies would talk about the interns, but we had Aldo Guistino (a motion graphic intern) and Tika Wulandari (a design graphic intern) this time, two students from Trilogi University who took IDN Media as the place of their internship. Yeah, they weren't the permanent parts of IDN Media yet, but every single element of IDN Media was worth this.

"We'll be here for only 3 months and this is our first month still. Not only appreciating our teachers in a literal term, but this experience we're getting in IDN Media is also another kind of teacher in a more metaphorical way," Wulan started. Getting into IDN Media, they wanted to experience the upstream and downstream of working. They thought the company would be the best place to learn since, well, it was quite well-known for the Timmys' being friendly so that these two college students wouldn't feel alienated in their first experience. 

As a place that could hopefully make the interns learn, Aldo let us know the little simple thing that IDN Media could give for the young generation being interested in working at a media company,  "Anything about appreciation. We don't only do photo-copying jobs. Instead, we really do a real job. Yeah, we should make our graphic content align with IDN Media's color code and theme, but we can still express ourselves here in the projects. The Timmys we work with are like, 'Is this your taste? Nice, you can go on. Add a bit of shade here, I think?'" 

We created experiences and these ones let us learn. Errors would be one of the inevitable parts of the journey. With these "scars", we'd be more careful with each step we were about to take so that we didn't fall down again another day.


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