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Our First Film Project, Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini, Will be on Screen Next 9 January 2020

25 Nov 19 | 21:37

Amelia Rosary

Our First Film Project, Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini, Will be on Screen Next 9 January 2020

If you’ve checked out the Instagram post of @filmnkcthi, the official poster of “Awan” teaser has been officially launched along with the broadcast date of the film. As the Executive Producer of Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini, a movie directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko, IDN Media is proud of declaring that it will be on screen next 9 January 2020. 

In the poster, we can already get the depiction that Awan is played by two different casts: Alleyra Fakhira as the younger Awan and Rachel Amanda as the teen Awan. These two actresses will let us know how life will bring Awan to two different stages of life. Awan is the’s the youngest child in search of her true identity. Innocent yet stubborn at the same time.The center of all attention and the world of the Narendra family. Her meeting with Kale will surprisingly take her to a new adventure that we don’t want to miss. 

Previously, Visinema Pictures launched 3 episodes of NKCTHI The Series. It told us the story of Awan performed by Rachel and Satria, her best friend, performed by Wafda. However, as time went by, they faced complicated choices in their lives and it made them start walking towards two opposite directions—they began staying away from each other ever since. It was very interesting when we noticed that most audiences left testimonies in our social media that portrayed their excitement about NKCTHI. As a replacement, we just launched our first official teaser on to help you get a clearer depiction of Awan as the main character in NKCTHI.

IDN Media, as the Executive Producer of NKCTHI, won’t stop supporting Visinema Pictures as the Film Production House of our first movie project since it has been heavily involved in the success of the NKCTHI film making process. This thirteenth movie produced by Visinema Pictures will present various well-known actresses and actors, such as Rachel Amanda, Rio Dewanto,  Sheila Dara, Donny Damara, Susan Bachtiar, Chicco Jerikho, Oka Antara, Niken Anjani, Ardhito Pramono, Agla Artalidia, Umay Shahab, Muhammad Adhiyat, Sinyo, Nayla Denny Purnama, Alleyra Fakhira Kurniawan, and Syaqila Afiffah Putri. Keep on following the newest updates on our Instagram @visinemaid @filmnkcthi, Twitter @visinemaid, and Visinema Pictures YouTube (

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